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Distant Learning Courses

If you're determined to make a big change in your life and you need help making it happen, you've found the right place.

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Change can be scary. Most of the time, it happens and we get on with it. But sometimes...we're determined to make a big change in our lives, we take the first few steps and then – life takes over, our friends distract us, work gets more busy, our partners and kids need us, bills start stacking up, the ironing piles up, the car breaks down and suddenly…vegging out in front of the telly with your tipple of choice and a takeaway seems a safer option!

This service is offered over the phone or by Skype, you will learn easy steps to really make a positive change in your life

Often people will go to the gym to look after your body - you also need to look after your  mind and emotions this will help you do just that!

To me, coaching is about three key things:

Giving yourself the gift of time to focus on you – what you want, what you need
Having the space to be and to think clearly without all the other white noise of life
Knowing you've got someone on your side who'll make sure you stay focused on yourself and your goals


Let's face it, all the great athletes have coaches for a good reason, right? And here's the thing – by gifting yourself the space to think and by focusing on what you really want, you actually become more present to life and those around you.

Why try Coaching - Feedback

September 2013

Wow. What a fantastic experience.  Having worked from home for years I was keen to expand my business and explore the opportunity of having a salon.  Jackie has been great.  She has given me a chance to look in detail at what changes I need to make and how this can become a reality for me.  I felt very comfortable with Jackie as she is extremely friendly, professional and skilled at what she does. I was also able to talk about personal issues.  Jackie was sensitive and understanding and gave me strategies and techniques to use in my personal life. I now feel empowered and positive about life and my business. I highly recommend Jackie.

Angela Venson


Doreen Corbey 30/07/2013

Tutor: Jackie Mendoza

Very well organised. I would encourage anyone who works as a therapist or just has a business to book, it is so well worth the time and money. I learnt more than from all the marketing and self-help books I've read. Jackie has a way of helping you see the big and small picture from many different angles. She brings in so many aspects of how to approach business, yourself and your life from her own life experience and learning curve and she makes it holistic at the same time. There is so much to take in and so much to take away.

Doreen used this for her business but Jackie also offers coaching for personal use not just for business use - why not book a session today and see how it can help you. You can choose to do this over the phone or by Skype in the comfort of your own home.

So what are you looking to change at the moment?

Do you need to create more time and space in your life so you can finally focus on making your dreams come true? Maybe you need the time and space to create those dreams in the first place and the tools and confidence to believe you can make them happen.

Maybe you're worried your day-to-day life has fallen into predictable routine and you're longing to re-inject more meaning and passion into it so you can feel alive again.

You may even want to create new and healthier habits but once again you're worried you may not stick to them.

Whatever it is you're looking to change, this time round, why not gift yourself the best chance to make it stick and make it matter?

Dare to Change

If you're determined to make a big change in your life and you need help making it happen, you've found the right place.

I'm here to support you because I know how challenging change can be and I also know how to make it less scary and more manageable.

Ever wondered why many New Year's resolutions often don't last beyond January 31st? For a start it's probably because deep down we don't believe our need to change is compelling or urgent enough.

Which desire to change do you think is more sustainable long-term?

I want to lose weight because I can't fit into my jeans anymore OR

I must lose at least 2 stone because if I don't, I could seriously damage my health and not be around long enough to see my kids grow up.

Yep, you guessed it, statement no 2. More compelling. More urgent.

The second reason why change can be so challenging stems from our beliefs. The limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us are what stop us from making the big changes we want. So here's what I do: I help you uncover, explore, transform and update whatever's limiting you so you can begin to discover a more authentic, more present and more capable you.

Feel free to explore my site where you'll discover various resources that will ultimately help you...dare to change.

Accredited Certified Insurable Distant Learning Course
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50% Saving for Gateway site visitors

£75 per session -  the usual charge is £150 an hour

This is for every session you have not just the first one - this offer is open for all Gateway site visitors or anyone you recommend for all sessions
Coaching Packages Are Available with Discounts Available - Jackie will be Happy to Discuss this with You



September 2013
with: Jackie Mendoza

I was very impressed with Jackie Mendoza. She was welcoming, relaxed and professional. I was amazed with the amount of information and knowledge that Jackie had. She tailored the call to each individual. Everything that I have learn't from Jackie I will try to keep with me to keep me feeling positive for the future. I was lacking in confidence and finished feeling very positive and good about myself. Jackie Mendoza is an inspiration and I think Gateway Workshop is very lucky to have her work for them. Thank you.

To get more information about this service - Email now for further information and coaching packages that are available:

About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by, my name's Jackie Mendoza and I'm a change coach.

What type of coach is that? I hear you ask.

Well, imagine someone who's been pretty successful most of their working life. They might be in sales, in marketing, in HR. They may be in IT, finance or admin. They might work for a large multi-national or a small business.

Whatever their area of expertise or background, they'll all have this in common: they're "successful" but they really don't enjoy what they're doing anymore. In fact, they've come to the conclusion that life in general really sucks at the moment and if they don't find and do something that fires them up, excites them and makes them tingle, then it's time to resign themselves to bland and mediocre forever.

Some people will settle for this but others won't and that's when they come to me – because they're ready to make a big change. They want to make a big change in their life and because it's really important to them (in many cases it's make or break) they want to make sure they're guided and supported step by step along the way.

Let's face it, many of us are scared of change so my job is to help take the fear out of change and set the pace for people to move from where they are to where they really want to be. Sure there may be obstacles along the way but we'll deal with them together.

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