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Nutrition home study course designed to fit around your current lifestyle - Accredited Diploma Qualification

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Nutrition Course - Distance Learning Accredited Diploma

Looking for a professional qualification in Nutrition?

It is a professional accredited qualification, equivalent to a level 3 government regulated course.

No coursework, case studies or exams just assignments to be worked through after each module at your own pace.

The Diploma in Nutrition is a home study course designed to fit around your current lifestyle needs. It is a must for all therapists and health professionals but is also available to those with a general interest in nutrition.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors influencing our health. What you eat influences the way you feel, the way you look, the ability to utilise the energy you do have and your ability to fight off infection and disease.

With obesity and health related illnesses on the increase, nutrition is becoming more and more in demand.

Accredited Certified Insurable Distant Learning Course
Price £365.00

Do I need any experience to enroll on the course?

No, you don’t need any experience to do this course but you will need an interest in health to succeed once qualified.

If I am abroad can I sign up for this course?

Yes, we have many students from abroad who have taken this distance learning course with us.

There is no coursework or exams just assignments to be worked through after each module at your own pace

We also have an instalment payment option for the balance:

After you pay the deposit, you can either pay the balance in one go or in 3 instalments over the time you are training. This is a popular option making it easy to budget at just £98.00 per payment and if you wish to split this up paying every other month you are also able to do this.

The course info will be sent after payment of deposit and first instalment of £98. Then 2 further payments of £98 are payable monthly thereafter.

This course has been awarded 500 CPD Points

The Diploma in Nutrition Includes

The Role of a Nutritionist

  • The Digestive System
  • Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Understanding the Glycaemic Index (GI) and the Glycaemic Load (GL)
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Specialist Diets
  • Food as Medicine
  • Allergies and Intolerances
  • Dealing with Clients
  • How to create a professional development plan
  • Setting up your business
  • Marketing your business
The course will give you an understanding of the importance of nutrition for optimum health.

You will learn the basics of what is involved in good nutrition and gain up to date research in the field. You will also be given the confidence to set up your own practice as a nutritional therapist once qualified.

You will be assigned a personal tutor to help you with your work and any questions you may have. Your tutor will be a fully qualified nutritionist and on board to help you every step of the way.

After completing the diploma you will also be assigned a personal mentor to help you set up your business. They will provide you with one on one support and practical advice to ensure you succeed in your new career as a nutritionist.

Once qualified you will be able to help people from all walks of life, ranging from babies to the elderly. Nutrition can be used to improve cardiovascular disease, respiratory or digestive disorders, diabetes, allergies and intolerances, bone and muscle pain and much more.

Why Become a Nutritionist?

There are many reasons to become a nutritionist, below are just a few

  • You can work the hours you choose
  • You will be in demand from day one
  • You can work from home or a location you choose
  • You can fit your career around your life
  • Every day will offer a new and exciting challenge
  • You dictate your own success
  • You can be your own boss
Is a career in nutrition really for me?
  • Would you like more freedom and control in your life?
  • Do you want a healthy life for you and your family?
  • Are you always looking at food labels?
  • Do you want to help others with their nutrition?
  • Do you want to choose when and where you work?
  • Are you excited by health and wellbeing?
  • Do you want to work from the comfort of your own home?

If you have answered yes to four or more of the above, a career in nutrition may be just for you.

How the Course Works

The Diploma in Nutrition will allow you to study at your own pace in your own home. You can start it in your own time and complete what you can when you have the time. You will have a year to finish the course and even if you don’t finish it in that time, arrangements can be made.

There are 13 modules to complete and some of these will include assignments. Once you have completed an assignment you will simply e-mail it to your tutor and wait for feedback.

You will receive detailed feedback within 5 working days from a fully qualified nutritionist and tutor. They will be there to help you every step of the way.

Beth Holder, a leading health and well-being expert and nutritionist, who wrote the course with the student in mind. It is packed with information and inspiring ideas, up to date research and tasks and assignments to ensure you are learning every step of the way.

Once you have paid your deposit, Beth Holder will be notified of the booking and will contact you within 48 hours for confirmation and final payment.

The course will be dispatched the same day as final payment has been made, or the following day if paid after 5pm.


You will be enrolled onto the course and have full access to:

  • The Diploma in Nutrition manual
  • An easy to follow guide on how to complete your course
  • A free booklet on home study tips
  • Supplementary information to further your reading and understanding of the subject

The course will be yours to start in your own time and remember if you have any questions your tutor can be contacted for help.

You will receive confirmation of your course booking. 

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course will take between 6 months and one year to finish. You will be given up to a year from the date you start to complete all the assignments.

If for some reason you are unable to finish in this time you can speak to your tutor to make further arrangements. The course can be started at anytime throughout the year.

What sort of assignments will I be asked to do?


You will be sent a pack at the beginning of your course outlining the whole course content. The course consists of thirteen modules and there will be an assignment for most. The assignment will either be working on a hypothetical case study or doing some research.

Can I call myself a nutritionist?

Yes you can call yourself a nutritionist.

Can I put letters after my name?

Yes, when you have completed the course you can put the letters DipN after your name.

98' to present date
© Gateway Workshops, students are not authorised to teach this course unless through Gateway. This is a therapist course only, information is copyright and to be used with their clients only and not taught to others.

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Our Extra Gifts to You!

You will get a complimentary Anatomy and Physiology manual as our gift to you - worth £10!
This is given to you when you sign up for a course as an e-manual, via a link in your course confirmation from your tutor.

You do NOT have to read this before your course, it with you as it is for later reference if you need it.

It is an extra manual to save you having to buy Anatomy and Physiology books later saving you money.

We also send you the Gateway therapist accounts package after you have completed a course with us - complimentary worth £10!

Course Accreditions

This course is insurable and accredited by the professional bodies, Guild of Holistic Therapists, FHT, International Natural Healers Association, Towergate.

For more information, see Accreditation & Entry Requirements information tab above

Certifications/Qualifications Attained

Gateway accredited/recognised diploma

Insurable allowing you to gain insurance and use therapy with the general public and charge.

Specialising in small classes for individual attention
Why book with us - Accredited, Established, Trusted, Recognised and Insurable Qualifications

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