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Astrology workshop you will learn about the planets, the zodiac and birth charts

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Astrology Introduction Workshop

Have you ever wanted to understand Astrology?

Astrology is an infinite subject, but you can begin the journey here.

You will receive a certificate of attendance; please note this is not a diploma course.

Just 8 students for individual attention

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

One day Workshop - Price £110.00

This Beginners Astrology Workshop Covers Training on the Planets

Each planet is assigned its own energy, we look at what that is and how to read the glyph for each planet.

This beginners astrology course covers training on the zodiac signs:

Each zodiac sign comes with its own personality and assignment for life. We look at what they are and how to read the glyph for each sign.

This Beginners Astrology Workshop Covers Training on the Houses in the Birth Chart

The birth chart is a snapshot of where the planets were when you were born. It is divided into 12 sections. These sections are called houses. Each house deals with a different area in life, so you could see the planet as an actor, the zodiac sign as the role and the house as the stage.

What will be covered in this workshop?

In this beginners astrology workshop you will learn about the planets, the zodiac and birth chart. You will receive your own birth chart and see how you are made of more than just your Sun Sign. You will see exactly what your personal gifts and trials are and learn what it is you have to work with as you learn about the planets, zodiac, astrological houses and the birth chart.

(astrological aspects and transits will be covered in the intermediate level- date to be set after this workshop)

After this beginners astrology workshop you will understand the energy and glyphs of the planets and zodiac signs.

  • You will understand that the placements of the planets and signs in the different astrological houses determine unique personal differences for everyone.
  • You will understand why not every Leo is the same and how a horoscope column can't be right for every sign.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.
  • You will have made your first step to becoming an astrologer.
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You will receive a certificate of attendance

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