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Past Life Regression Therapy the Process of using the Memory of Former Lives for Healing in this Life

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Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop For Beginners

Past Life Regression Therapy the process of using the memory of former lives for healing in this life.

Many of us are curious about past lives and that may be the only motivation to explore this therapy further, others have a clear emotional or physical issue which just hasn't responded to other treatment. Sometimes, the root of these issues can originate from a former life and once we have discovered the root we can understand and transform.

Those that are curious about Past Life Regression, and wish to explore further, will be able to access a past life that is relevant to their current circumstance and this is where the therapeutic element of this therapy comes in.

Just 8 students for individual attention

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

One day Workshop - Price £110.00

What is Covered in the Day

  • Explanation of Past life Therapy and how it works
  • Past life and other memories, how do we know the difference?
  • Other experiences that masquerade as past lives
  • Soul mates, Soul groups and Karma
  • Dreams and Past Life exploration
  • Karmic Astrology and its illuminating role
  • An exercise to access a past life
  • An opportunity to perform a supervised mini regression on one another
  • A comprehensive manual
  • Certification
The therapeutic element of Past Life Regression is incredibly strong for two reasons:
  • The person re-lives the experience for themselves, we learn through experience, theory has a degree of separation, and past life doesn't
  • A person’s conscious defence mechanism is relaxed enough to access much deeper levels than possible in "normal' therapeutic situations

Past Life Regression is similar to someone turning a light on when you are looking for your lost keys in the dark. You may see your keys in front of you immediately, or you may need to continue looking, but it is easier with the light on as you can clearly see where you have been and where you need to go. Past Life Regression Therapy takes place when the person who has turned the light on continues to help you find the key.

Quite often people need some further support after a regression because all the new pieces that have been discovered can float around with many different projections attached to them. This course not only covers all you need to know about past-lives, karma & soul-mates but takes you through the regression process.

By teaching you how the sub-conscious works you can communicate effectively with others, it also provides you with tools to help yourself and others put the pieces of the jigsaw together. This is the very key to the powerful transformation that is waiting to emerge, it is only when we have new understanding that we can liberate ourselves from pain and confusion. You will also access one of your own past lives and have the chance to regress another under a controlled supervised environment.

Going Backwards to go Forwards - Introduction to Past Life Therapy Workshop

This course is an introduction to Past life Regression and how to use it for therapeutic benefit.

Throughout my many years as a therapist I have found Past Life Regression Therapy to be one of the most effective in healing and clearing. The mind, body and soul carries in it much more trauma than we consciously realise. Past Life Regression illuminates this trauma and helps us to understand the bigger picture. Once understood there is no longer confusion and pain.

We understand why things are the way they are and forgiveness for ourselves and others becomes easy. Guilt is released as we realise that whatever has happened has truly been part of the master plan. Past life Therapy is SO powerful because the person experiences it firsthand for themselves and because the conscious defence system is immobilized to a degree.

Tiffany's teaching style

Tiffany first began studying other lives at the age of twenty through reading many of Michael Newton's books, although these books confirmed her thoughts on the spiritual aspects of life, she was not convinced about the validity of past lives, this continued when she had her first regression taster at the age of twenty-two, she still wasn't convinced.

It wasn't until the age of twenty-eight that she spontaneously remembered a past life right down to her location, the date and her full name, through research she found everything to be correct, the discovery of that past life was the beginning of one of the most transformative times of her life. It was then that Tiffany decided to train as a Past Life Regressionist.

Tiffany has many years of psychic and spiritual development behind her, working full time as a psychic, healer and teacher of these subjects, she combines her academic knowledge with many years of personal insights and experience, by seeing the wider picture she can help others with this process.

Through meditation, practical exercise & group discussion we can share the individual perspectives and experiences of the group and enhance learning.

Tiffany’s style is to hold a secure space for you to be guided on your own personal journey of understanding.

Her courses are incredibly illuminating & deeply enjoyable.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to appreciate past lives at a deep, intuitive level and tap into your own for personal benefit. You will also be able to assist friends and family to access and regress into their own past lives.

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Feedback from our Students


Feedback from Rita Temporin

Tutor lead the class in a very professional way, Good space very relaxing and the teaching was very good and it was a fun day. It was up to my expectation, yes I would consider attending again

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