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Spiritual Courses

Everyone is Psychic, but not everybody knows it. Have you ever walked in a room & instantly felt a liking or disliking of it?

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Psychic Development Workshop for Beginners

Everyone is Psychic, but not everybody knows it. Have you ever walked in a room & instantly felt a liking or disliking of it? Or the same with a person?

This is a very popular workshop for beginners looking to learn more about this fascinating subject.

Ever looked up at someone when your on public transport & they look away, it was obvious they were staring at you but how did you know?

Ever been in a great mood & then been with a friend who is feeling really awful & come away feeling like that yourself? Or walk in on someone having an argument & just "know"? These are all "normal" Psychic impressions that happen on a day to day level & we take for granted. But when we don't give it any conscious attention we can end up like a "psychic sponge" carrying all these different energies in our psychic field & not knowing why we feel so unclear!

Just 8 students for individual attention

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

One day Workshop - Price £110.00

What Your Psychic Development Workshop will Include

  • Learning about Psychic Sensitivity
  • The Chakras & auric body, & how to work with them
  • Learning about your Higher Self, Spirit Guide, & Power Animal.
  • Meeting & working with your Higher Self, Spirit Guide & Power Animal
  • Learning about soul evolution
  • Exploration of your own past lives
  • Using Psychometry & a variety of other tools to access psychic information
  • Grounding, what it is, how to do it & why it is so important

With Psychic Development, we can not only realize what is going on for ourselves, but we can learn how to help & empower ourselves as well as others. Whether it is by becoming a Psychic Reader or Healer, Medium or Ghost buster!

Maybe it is just about having the knowledge within to understand & liberate yourself & others in a very humble way. The Foundation course will give you an introduction to an incredibly fascinating & magical world within, giving you lots of understanding & "how to" structures which will make something that seems so daunting so unbelievably easy!

You may wish to then move onto the Diploma course which is the deepening stage of this fascinating journey. It will give you all the understanding you need across the very broad range of Psychic subjects & the clarity & structure to set yourself up as a Psychic Practitioner/Healer/Reader in whatever form you may wish to specialise in.

After the course you will be able to understand psychic development at such a deep intuitive level you will be able to "feel" with an inner courage of your own conviction.

This workshop will prepare you fully to embark onto the Diploma course if you wish to continue with your training or you can just attend this workshop for personal use.

We only take up to 8 places only keeping the numbers small giving individual attention. This course will still run with only two people booked.

About Tiffany your tutor


In 2003 Tiffany founded & opened Namaste Holistic Centre in a deprived part of inner London. There she practiced & taught Psychic Development, Reiki & Tarot. Knowing how people could be attracted to the Tarot in dark times & how that could be challenging especially in this location she fostered her three golden rules:


    Positivity not Negativity
    Healing not Prediction
    Empowerment not Dependency

Tiffany since went on to design her own Tarot Courses & Tarot Meditation CD “The Fool’s Journey”, she also set up her own online psychic centre & reads & teaches at Mysteries in Covent Garden & The London School of Tarot in Euston. Tiffany's teaching style:

Tiffany combines her academic knowledge of the psychic development, with her many years worth of personal insights & the understanding that in order for it to become truly "alive" for someone it has to be taught through their very own tutor the "in-tuition" She facilitates this process through meditations, practical exercises & group discussions, as everyone sees things differently, we learn so much from each other.

Her style is to hold a secure space for you to be guided on your own personal journey of understanding.
Her courses are incredibly illuminating & deeply enjoyable.

After the course you will be able to understand psychic development at such a deep intuitive level you will be able to "feel" with an inner courage of your own conviction.


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Feedback from our Students

Feedback from Tansy

I love the amazing selection of courses available on gateway workshops, and both courses that I have been on have been wonderful! Absolutely wonderful tutor, creating a very safe and positive environment in which to learn and explore.


Feedback from Joanne Harris

It was enjoyable, informative and intimate. The course handbook was excellent for reference and I have used it since. Our tutor was warm welcoming, open and intelligent. She knew her subject and shared freely. She provided a wonderful, non judgemental environment in which to learn, grow and explore and I personally learnt a lot and benefited emotionally from the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it completely fulfilled what I was expecting and looking for.


Feedback from Brenda Walley

Tutor was quirky and individual and highly grounded which is good for psychic work. Very organised and pace very pleasant there are quite a few more courses that I want to do and I have been really impressed with all the tutors and venues - all very different. Great to have weekday courses offered as I work Saturdays and have had great difficulty attending courses until I discovered Gateway.

Courses were all brilliant and really enjoyable.

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