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Have you ever wanted to be able to look at the Tarot & be transported into a world where they come alive

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Tarot Beginners Workshop

Have you ever wanted to be able to look at the Tarot & be transported into a world where they come alive instead of thinking "Oh heck where's that book of meanings again!"

If you have ever gone for a reading with a professional reader & wondered how they do it. Well you just found out how! This Tarot course is for beginners and those who are new to the Tarot, you will receive a certificate of attendance please note this is not a diploma course.

Just 8 students for individual attention

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

One day Workshop - Price £110.00

What Your Tarot Workshop (The Fool's Journey) will Include

1.  An introduction to the history of Tarot & what it actually is! This will facilitate deep understanding. It is so much more than most people think! With this type of understanding you will be able to come very much from the "right" place with Tarot right from the very beginning.

2. A deep guided journey & initiation into the Tarot where you will personally embody the Tarot & go on to meet all the characters/archetypes of the Major Arcana. This facilitates an "interweaving" between you & the Tarot, so you get to understand it through your own feelings & therefore deeply intuitively.

3. Group exploration of the mythology & symbols present in both the Major & Minor, this will include references to the astrological & numerological influences. Group exploration of these archetypes in this way is a powerful expander of consciousness.

4. Story telling with the Tarot, Storytelling is the art of "stringing cards together." Storytelling needs to be developed before our readings can flow effortlessly, learning how to combine the cards holistically produces an intricate web of a very deep picture, rather than a reading that is dis-jointed & fragmented.

5. Further ways to continue deepening your initiation into the Tarot. This will help you enormously with your understanding of yourself, your situations, others & life in general, as well as deepening your psychic sensitivity & preparing you fully to continue on to the Professional Diploma if you so wish.

Information About the Tarot

The Tarot consists of 78 cards, including the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards represent the spiritual lessons that we are learning within this lifetime.

There are 22 cards in total which include the following

The Major Arcana

0. The Fool - New Beginnings, Trust, Adventure

1. The Magician - New Opportunities, Determination, Skill, Business

2. The High Priestess - Insight, Secrets, Unknown

3. The Empress - Abundance, Good Relationships, Femininity

4. The Emperor - Security, Foundation, Masculinity

5. The Hierophant - Tradition, Religion, Morality, Giving Service

6. The Lovers - Relationships, Choice, Decision-making

7. The Chariot - Responsibilities, Commitments, Travel

8. Strength - Courage,  Perseverance, Patience, Health

9. The Hermit -  Inner Guidance, Re-evaluation, Contemplation

10. The Wheel of Fortune - Change, Turning Point, Success, Evolution

11. Justice - Truth, Clarity, Law

12. The Hanged Man - Letting go, Enlightenment, Contemplation

13. Death - Endings, Beginnings, Change, Transformation

14. Temperance - Moderation, Purification, Self-growth

15. The Devil - Dependency, Negative Thoughts, Search for truth

16. The Tower - Unexpected Change, Transformation, Insight

17. The Star - Hope, Optimism, Dreams, Goals

18. The Moon - The unknown, Intuition, Dreams, Feelings, Imagination

19. The Sun - Joy, Abundance, Stability, Health

20. Judgement - Conclusion, Duty, Taking responsibility

21. The World - Completion, Contentment, Goals, Travel, Reward

The Minor Arcana Cards

The minor Arcana cards represent four different suits, the pentacles, swords, cups and wands. Each suit represents a different element and energy that can convey a unique, powerful and creative message to both you and your client.

The cards number from 1-10. In addition to this, each suit has a court card including a Page, Knight, King and Queen which can draw reference of a client’s personality or the feelings and interactions of those individuals who may be present within a client's daily life.

The Four Suits of the Tarot

Wands (or Staves) - Element of fire (e.g. ideas, ambition, energy, imagination, enthusiasm, inspiration, movement) Relates to Fire Zodiac signs such as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Fire serves as a catalyst to create and transform situations

Pentacles (Also known as coins/discs)– Element of earth (e.g. finance, security, home, self-worth, business, work, physical attachments) Relates to Earth Zodiac signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus

Swords- Element of air, (e.g. Rational Mind, mental and spiritual development, thought processes.) Relates to Air signs such as Libra, Gemini and Aquarius

Cups (or Hearts) - Element of water (e.g. emotions/love, fulfilment, happiness, personal relationships, deep feelings, creativity and spirituality.) Relates to Water signs such as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

The emphasis of the Tarot course is creative and practical in effect, with a real hands-on approach. It is not necessary to have any previous experience as you will be given the tools and strategies to develop your intuition to a high level.

You can read as many books on Tarot as you like but it won't get you there quicker than this workshop. This is because the Tarot is a very personal thing that needs to be understood through your own personal process & what this workshop does is facilitate that journey for you. Working History with the Tarot

Tiffany first laid eyes on the Tarot at the tender age of four but it wasn’t until the emotionally turbulent time of her teens that she began her serious personal journey; self taught, she learnt a lot the hard way & decided to turn her back on the Tarot at the age of twenty.

After two years of people asking her to read, she sought out a Diploma Course & walked out with an A+. After combining her wealth of personal experience & her formal training, Tiffany acquired an incredibly in-depth feel for the Tarot & how it could be used in such an incredibly illuminating & empowering way.

She believes the Tarot is one of the most powerful healers of all time if understood & treated correctly & she is indeed passionate about fostering this understanding.

With a wealth of qualifications and experience under her belt, Tiffany has had a lifelong relationship with the Tarot and is startlingly intuitive.

For Tiffany, the Tarot is a tool for healing and she is passionate about dispelling any negative myths about the cards.

The Fool’s Journey is a one-day course, which promises to initiate a profound relationship with the cards. Encouraging you to cast aside any books or other crutches that you might use in your readings, the course guides you to an intimate understanding of the archetypes, energy and characters of the Tarot. I can’t imagine how I could possibly learn the meanings of each of the 78 cards in one day, but I’m willing to give it a go.

I find that the amount of information you can glean is impressive, undoubtedly enhanced by Tiffany’s knowledge.

The Major Arcana are becoming more like a group of trusty, honest friends rather than the sinister bunch I had previously pigeonholed them as.

I now feel confident to work with them and my fear has been dispelled.

I see the Tarot for the first time as a tool for healing that offers helpful insight and a platform from which to consider your options.

As an introductory Tarot course, The Fool’s Journey does exactly what it says on the box and so much more.

It’s ignited my respect for the cards and profoundly deepened my understanding of them.

-Prediction Magazine (August 2010)

Tiffany's teaching style

There are two keys to becoming a proficient Tarot Reader:

1)Understanding the cards intellectually
2)Understanding the cards Psychically

Tiffany combines her academic knowledge of the Tarot, with her many years worth of personal insights & the understanding that in order for the Tarot to become truly "alive" for someone it has to be taught through their very own tutor the "in-tuition"
She facilitates this process through meditations, practical exercises & group discussions, as everyone sees things differently, we learn so much from each other.

Her style is to hold a secure space for you to be guided on your own personal journey of understanding.
Her courses are incredibly illuminating & deeply enjoyable.

After the course you will be able to understand the Tarot at such a deep intuitive level you will be able to "feel" what it is saying to you with an inner courage of your own conviction.

This workshop will prepare you fully to embark onto the Diploma course if you wish to continue with your training or you can just attend this workshop for use with family and friends.

General questions covered you may have about this course

Do I need to do any reading before I attend the course or buy any books?

No - There is no preparation required before you attend this course, however the tutor is more than happy to recommend many excellent books you can purchase after your training if you require this information. All of your questions and further guidance will be covered by the tutor on the day of your course.

Do I have to buy a tarot pack before I come?

Yes - The Tarot course is based on the Rider Waite deck which you will need to buy in advance before attending the course, once you have paid your deposit the tutor will send you a confirmation email with all these details and a contact telephone number if you need further information as to where you can purchase this pack.

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Certificates, Times, Venue and Balance Payment Information.

For course times, venue information etc please use/click on the information tabs above where this information can be found.

The balance of the course fee is paid direct to the tutor and they will contact you by email as soon as the deposit is paid for the course.

Certifications/Qualifications Attained

You will receive a certificate of attendance

Feedback from our Students

Feedback from Dawn Homer

The course was amazing and such a great person and teacher which made learning so easy and fun...this was a really great course to go on. A natural teacher, she makes learning so easy, she is just a lovely person.


Feedback from Tansy Baigent

I think the list of courses provided is fantastic and I know that I shall be booking onto another one soon. The information was extensive which contributed greatly to understanding which was very much appreciated. I thought she was a fantastic tutor. We covered a huge amount in the course and yet it was not overwhelming and I felt that I really grasped the essence of what was being taught. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive, confident, capable and I hope to undertake further courses with her.

Gateway has the courses that I wanted as well as many others. It was comprehensively put together which gave me confidence in the authenticity of the site.


Feedback from Jacqueline Foster


Easy to work with. Very genuine person who works hard for her students and helps each one individually.

This course lived up to expectation and I would definitely consider another.

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