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Avonmouth Street Tutors

The tutors for the Avonmouth Street Venue in London

Avonmouth Street Tutors


Hayley is Course Director for both Holistic massage (weekends and intensive) and Combined Holistic and Sports massage courses.

After 15 years in corporate roles covering Management Development and Talent Management Hayley has focused her career on combining her learning and development skills with her passion for massage.

As a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher Hayley delivers interactive, creative, fun and enjoyable learning for all her students.

Qualified in a wide range of therapies, including Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage and Massage in Pregnancy she works across several locations in Hertfordshire including 2 gyms, an osteopath clinic and regularly sees private clients and works in several businesses as the onsite Massage Therapist.

Hayley also works as an Associate with a Team Development Company so that she can continue to deliver leadership and team development courses plus provide individual coaching and support to senior managers.


Alan is Course Director for weekend-based Level 5 Sports massage courses.

Alan came to massage following a successful but unfulfilling career in the city when he decided he wanted to help people and was fascinated by the workings of the human body. Alan has been teaching since 2002 and finds it most rewarding as he sees his students grasp everything and develop into excellent therapists.

Alan was the team physio for Crystal Palace Ladies for 5 seasons, and has also worked with professional skiers, semi professional runners and recreational badminton players. He is a Registered Osteopath with his own busy multidisciplinary clinic, where he works with a range of clients and patients from 15 - 90 yrs with a range of medical, sporting and common complaints using both Osteopathy and Sports & Remedial massage.

He is also a BASI level 2 Ski instructor where he feeds his passion for teaching with his passion for skiing.


Caron is Course Director for intensive Holistic massage courses and also teaches Anatomy & Physiology.

Caron has embraced the principles of holistic living throughout her life. She has an absolute love for the body, how it functions and how it moves. The passion for the subject draws her to study, practice & teach Massage and Yoga. Caron teaches various disciplines in the UK and internationally. Her training in Massage includes: Swedish, Sports, Traditional Thai, Infant and Pregnancy Massage, as well as Aromatherapy and Yoga. Caron runs her own successful practice in North London.
"Be the person you seek in the world" - Gandhi

Tutor Feedback

"Use of visual aids good, activities are great"

Andrina Eskriett

"Very good. Clearly explained, interesting" "friendly and helpful"

Nick Burton

"The standard of teaching is very high. I like the variety of methods used"

Teresa McDonell

"Very impressed by the enthusiasm & experience of Hayley, Annie & Sue"

Charlotte Rous

"The quality of what we are being taught and how the tutors treated us and working with us"

Joseph McDonough

"Enjoy learning Anatomy & Physiology. Love the practical demonstrations & teaching methods"

Noreen Carr

"Anatomy & Physiology because it’s so fascinating. And the massage because its what I wanted to do"

Aimee Plant

Courses from this Tutor

Distant Learning

Anatomy and Physiology Online Course ITEC/VTCT - Avonmouth Street Tutors

Massage Course

Massage Course - Level 4 BTEC / ITEC Swedish/Holistic Full Body - Avonmouth Street Tutors

Sports Massage and Sports Treatments Course - BTEC Level 5 - Avonmouth Street Tutors

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Annie is Course Director for weekend-based Holistic massage courses.

Annie is a holistic massage therapist, aromatherapist, reflexologist and teacher but when she trained as a massage therapist in 1992 she had little idea how her career would unfold. All she knew was that the act of giving massage gave her a sense of peace and profound satisfaction.

Now twenty years on and many thousands of massages later she still has that sense of calm and joy, and her two great passions are her work with patients suffering from cancer at St. George’s Hospital NHS Trust and the Cancer Centre London, and teaching holistic massage. Annie most enjoys the thrill of passing on her enthusiasm for this precious life skill to rooms full of students who are about to embark on a wonderful living experience. Annie’s policy is that “we hold in our hands the power to impart love, joy and a sense of well being wherever we go. That’s got to be worth doing.”

“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries” - Corita Kent (b. 1918) American poet

“Just do it” - Nike

There are various highly skilled and professional tutors who teach the BTEC courses for the school we promote, all come highly recommended.


Originally an English teacher, I later trained to be a Medical Herbalist. During this training I had to learn, as a non scientist,to get to grips with the complexities of many science subjects. That made me realise that nothing is unfathomable if its made simple enough!

I started teaching in 1992 and my aim has always been to demystify and make A&P accessible to everyone regardless of how little they know. I truly believe that everyone can understand this subject as long as its broken down into its basics.

I also want to inspire people to be fascinated by the wonders of the body, their body: what it does and how it works.

Nothing pleases me more than the dawn of understanding in a student who may have had a " fear " of the subject or for someone to say "wow, that’s amazing!"

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