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Gateway Workshops Iridology Information Manual

You can gain a wealth of information about an ancient form of health analysis with our iridology information manual.

It is a fantastic info manual that you can use with friends and family to learn how to analyse health conditions that are reflected in the iris. This is a great way to find out more about this fascinating treatment before either committing to a training course or just to use for you own interest with friends and family.

Iridology is an ancient form of health assessment and has been used for centuries to help people learn about their bodies and illness.

HALF PRICE - Just £10!


This manual does not provide medical advice - It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

This information is purely for personal use and not to be used for professional diagnosis or for use with clients, it is an introduction to a fascinating subject and we encourage professional training if you wish to learn more and progress to learn further information for use with your clients.

By purchasing one of our information manuals you agree not to use this information with your clients and agree it is for information purposes only.

You can learn how to study and read the iris.  Discover what markings and patterns within the iris represent.  You can learn how to detect hereditary conditions based on iris colour and constitutional types.

This info manual will give you a detailed knowledge of the structures and functions of the eye and associated medical conditions.

There are sections on:

• The history of Iridology, dating back thousands of years.
• The anatomy of the eye, with comprehensive information on the different structures that give us vision.
• Constitutional types and how genetic predispositions can make us susceptible to certain illnesses.
• Patterns and markings that can reflect illnesses and conditions.
• Complementary therapies that can help to detoxify the body and ward off illness.

You can start to make assessments of friends and families irises using an iris chart that represents organs and systems of the body.

There is lots of practical information on working with the eyes, eye anatomy and complementary therapies.

This is a popular choice with our students and selling fast!

Our information manuals are extremely popular and we are delighted to add this one to the list of those available for our students.

Great for anyone wanting to make an informed choice.

Why spend money on expensive books when all the knowledge you need has been compiled into this one manual!

You can also just order this manual without booking a course and even if you have not trained with us before. This manual is for everybody at the discount price.

How do I order one?

Gateway is NOT looking to make a profit from this manual, so all payments go direct to Liz Knight who has prepared this amazing manual.

Payment for £10 is taken via Paypal follow this link below:

IMPORTANT - When you make you purchase, please add a reference to your payment in the add a note section of the payment form – Your full name and the email you would like it sent to - so we can track your payment and know who it is from.

To save on trees and to keep this manual cost down so it is affordable for all, this is a downloadable manual you can choose to read it on your PC or you can also print it out to read through in hard copy if you wish.

Why purchase this Manual?

Great for anyone who wants to learn more on different types of treatments to use with their clients and are thinking about taking a course in this wonderful subject. Therapists interested in learning about this subject for friends or family with health problems and open up a discussion into this fascinating subject and learn more about alternative views on health analysis, lifestyle changes or genetic predispositions.

A wonderful subject that has helped with many health problems, learn more with this introduction manual into this fascinating subject

We are excited to offer you this new information manual.

This manual is available both for visitors to our site (even if you are not taking one of our courses) and also available to therapists who take or have taken our courses.
The feedback so far for this manual has been fantastic - Get your copy now!

Payment for £10 is taken via Paypal for Liz Knight who has prepared this amazing manual and on receipt of payment will send over the PDF copy to you.


IMPORTANT - When you make you purchase, please add a reference to your payment in the add a note section of the payment form – Your full name and the email you would like it sent to - so we can track your payment and know who it is from.

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