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Need a Telephone number that can move around with you - Excellent Company we use and recommend

How 0333 & 0330 Numbers Work

Are you looking for a telephone number that can move around with you?

Here at Gateway Workshops we bought our 0333 telephone number some time ago now, it was cheap, quick and easy and we have never looked back. We have an excellent service and it can be tailored made to fit your requirements, the company we went through even offer an answering service and much more ideal for the busy therapist.

We have been asked by several therapists about the best place to buy these numbers and also about other services that are available, asking for a reliable company to sign up with. Due to the demand for this information we decided to help by recommending who we use.

Here is some more information as , if you are interested let us know by emailing us your details.

03 numbers are 'virtual' and sit on an existing landline or mobile, in exactly the same way as other non-geographic numbers (e.g. 0800). 03 numbers differ from other ranges as they are cheap to call - even from mobiles. This is really important for businesses receiving a lot of calls from customers on mobiles, as other non-geographic numbers are expensive to call from mobile phones. Even 0800 freephone numbers, which currently cost around 25p per minute to call from a mobile which unsurprisingly, puts a lot of people off.

We like to think of 0330 numbers and 0333 numbers as being 'fair for all', meeting the ever-growing public demand for a recognisable phone number range which is cheap to call from a both a landline and mobile. Calls to both 0330 numbers and 0333 numbers cost the same as a normal landline number (even from a mobile), or are completely free if the caller has free minutes. This is why a lot of savvy businesses are turning to 03 numbers and you might have even noticed some of the companies that use 03 numbers: BBC, EBay, Lloyds TSB, Transport for London and countless SME's.

Another great benefit of 03 numbers is you can actually choose your telephone number! We have thousands of highly memorable numbers to choose from, helping customers to easily remember you and standout from the competition. One of our customers that specialises in domestic cleaning uses our highly memorable 0330 999 0000 number and you can also use digits related to your industry. Do you offer a round the clock service? If you do, imagine in your number included '247'. Are you an advisory service? Then include '121' in your number.

When a customer dials your 0330 or 0333 number the call is instantly routed to your existing landline or mobile number (referred to as your 'target'). Conveniently, you can change this target number at any time online using My Windsor, or via the phone with our Instant Call Rerouting service. 0333 and 0300 numbers can be set up quickly and you don't need to install and maintain any software or hardware.

You can also choose to use a 03 number as a Fax to Email line, where faxes are received via your email. This is a great alternative to having a fax machine, which is traditionally expensive what with the on-going maintenance and material costs. What's more, you don't need a physical landline if you choose Fax to Email, again, saving you a lot money.
Why we recommend 03 numbers

  •     03 numbers are widely used by trustworthy UK businesses
  •     Inexpensive to call - same cost as 01/02 numbers, even from a mobile or are free if the caller has free minutes
  •     More UK calls are now made from a mobile than a landline, so 03 is customer friendly and the smart option
  •     Instantly reroute your incoming calls to any landline or mobile phone
  •     03 numbers are completely trackable and you can access call stats showing you how many calls you're receiving and from where in the UK
  •     03 numbers are non-geographic so people won't judge you by your location
  •     Trade outside of your area or nationwide with a UK-wide 03 number
  •     Keep your 03 number for life (even if you relocate), saving future printing costs
  •     Your callers will be able to recall your 03 number with ease (which is great for referrals) and it will look great on your website and promotional material
  •     The public trusts 03 numbers as call costs are transparent and no call revenue is paid to the number owner
  •     Built-in disaster recovery in any emergency - reroute your calls even if your landlines go down!


We just need the following from you:

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Rather than hit the 'order product now' green link, we would like to send you more info first so all you have to do is email us your information with a no obligation enquiry.

And we will do the rest:

We will send over your information and ask someone to contact you to discuss your options.

They are a friendly service without the hard sell and here at gateway we highly recommend this phone option.


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