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Spiritual Courses

Takes you on the next step deeper into your Tarot journey - Improve your skills as a Professional Reader

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Tarot Course Level 2 Diploma Course - Improve your Skills as a Professional Tarot Reader

This Tarot diploma course will teach you to become a skilled professional Tarot reader. This course will help to enhance your reading skills to give effective and more in-depth readings for the general public.

Tarot reading is a popular and ancient art-form. An effective Reading can help to encourage confidence, self-esteem and choice for a client.  A Tarot reading can also help a client to gain insight and awareness, serving as a platform for reflection and evaluation of their everyday lives.

Just 10 students for individual attention.

Please note - This is a specialist course and ONLY offered as an attendance course at our central London Victoria venue we are not able to offer this at our other venues.

However if you are unable to attend in London we are also soon going to be offering something similar as an online course, if you wish to be added to the waiting list for the online version please email us so we can contact you once this is available:

The prerequisite/requirements for attending this course

A level one diploma course qualification with us or another school

Alternatively the ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the meanings of the cards without the aid of notes or book referral, if you are unable to be confident that you are at that level you will not be ready for the Diploma level 2 & should look at doing our level one course first.

Course Times

If you are attending our one day courses the times are as follows:

10.00am - 4.30pm Weekdays

or 10.30am - 5pm if you choose to attend on a weekend date.

For our one day courses, you will receive a 45 min lunch break and a short afternoon break also.

No case studies are required - no written exams.

Certificates are given on the day on the completion of a successful practical assessment with your tutor.


Join the thousands of students we train each year, we have a long term proven history and our feedback speaks for itself. We also look forward hearing how you get on once you have completed a course with us.

We love what we do and have passionate knowledgeable tutors who very much look forward to welcoming you on a course with them soon.


Our Promise to you

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free of charge within 6 months when spaces are available with the same tutor.

However, due to small classes and the 1-1 attention you receive this is rare but for your piece of mind available if required.

Course Accredited by the following bodies:

Accredited Certified & Insurable Course - Price £160.00

Professional Diploma in Tarot

This course takes you on the next step deeper into your Tarot journey, one that you can share professionally. Now that you have built a relationship with your cards and can read for yourself, family and friends, you may decide this is something you would like to do for a more permanent career.

Being a professional Tarot Reader brings with it a responsibility to yourself to be conscious around ethics, law & communication as well as having sound knowledge around the psychic realm and how to look after yourself.

This course will not only take you through this thoroughly but also provides you with all the practical information you need to embark on what can be an incredibly magical & very rewarding successful career as an empowering and accurate Tarot reader.

This is an accredited Tarot Course

You are able to gain insurance as a Tarot Reader and give professional Tarot readings.

Course Content

We begin looking at how to work with the numerology present within the Tarot to identify anybody's soul's purpose and identify the lessons within any year past, present or future.

We also look at how to use numerology to uncover the lesson within any relationship, as well as the lessons in any past, present or future year.

We then move on to make our own AstroTarotMandala, a Tarot spread made up of your own birth chart so you can see the story of your life in the stars presented in Tarot terms.

These exercises will test your ability to think outside the box and see the huge depth of creative and psychic potential contained within the Tarot.

This course is for you if:

1) You have begun your Tarot journey and developed your connection with the Tarot to a point where you feel ready to practice reading for others.

2) All the people around you either don't want their cards read or they are friends and family you know too well. You really need a platform where you can practice with others you don't know.

3) You've learnt the deck - but the art of reading, well that's the next step...

By the end of the day your experience in how to practically read cards for others will grow to a whole new level of understanding and confidence.

This course contains:

    How to determine birth cards.
    How to determine year cards.
    How to identify karma and work through it.
    Intuitive reading practices that help the flow.
    Reading methods that build the picture.
    The importance of perspective.
    The importance of language.
    A selection of useful spreads.
    Practice readings.
    A comprehensive manual.

Tiffany is known as one of the top Tarot teachers and Authors in the world. She is the Award Winning Author of The Transformational Truth of Tarot and an Award Winning TV psychic.


What your Professional Diploma in Tarot includes

  • Review on your journey so far
  • Training on how to give a reading in an ethical & empowering way (the three golden rules)
  • Learning how to let go and trust
  • Professional practice- how to set yourself up as a Tarot Practitioner, the law, advertising, accreditation, insurance.
  • The pros & cons of each practice: private, phone lines, markets/festivals/gigs, skype, phone and online readings, shops and centres.
  • Dealing with the public: Speech, communication, responsibilities, boundaries

What Certificate will I get?

The certificate you will get on the day of your training is a diploma practitioners certificate, this will allow you to gain insurance and use what you have learnt professionally with the general public and charge for your readings if you wish to do so. The insurance details will be given to you by your tutor on the day of your training and fully explained.

This is an accredited Tarot Course you will be able to gain professional insurance to use this therapy with the general public.

Working History with the TarotTiffany first laid eyes on the Tarot at the tender age of four but it wasn’t until the emotionally turbulent time of her teens that she began her serious personal journey; self- taught, she learnt a lot the hard way and decided to turn her back on the Tarot at the age of twenty.

After two years of people asking her to read, she sought out a Diploma Course and walked out with an A+. After combining her wealth of personal experience and her formal training, Tiffany acquired an incredibly in-depth feel for the Tarot and how it could be used in such an incredibly illuminating and empowering way.

She believes the Tarot is one of the most powerful healers of all time if understood and treated correctly and she is indeed passionate about fostering this understanding.

In 2003 Tiffany founded and opened Namaste Holistic Centre in a deprived part of inner London. There she practiced and taught Psychic Development, Reiki & Tarot. Knowing how people could be attracted to the Tarot in dark times and how that could be challenging especially in this location she fostered her three golden rules:

Positivity not Negativity
Healing not Prediction
Empowerment not Dependency

Tiffany since went on to design her own Tarot Courses and Tarot Meditation CD “The Fool’s Journey”, she also set up her own online psychic centre and read and taught at Mysteries in Covent Garden and The London School of Tarot in Euston.

About your tutor

This course will be taught by Tiffany Crosara (formerly Ronald) Tiffany has worked full time as a professional reader, healer and teacher of these subjects for the past seven years. She has Diplomas in Tarot, Parapsychology, Palmistry, Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, as well as being qualified in Reiki up to teacher level, and having studied Astrology and counselling.

Tiffany was the former founder of "Namaste Holistic Centre" in South London, however now she works in London as well as worldwide through her site. She has been affiliated with the London School of Tarot since it opened in April 2008 and has worked there for the last 3 years.

Tiffany's teaching style

There are two keys to becoming a proficient Tarot Reader:

1) Understanding the cards intellectually

2) Understanding the cards Psychically

Tiffany combines her academic knowledge of the Tarot, with her many years of personal insights and the understanding that in order for the Tarot to become truly "alive" for someone it has to be taught through their very own tutor the "in-tuition"

She facilitates this process through meditations, practical exercises &-and group discussions, as everyone sees things differently, we learn so much from each other.

Her style is to hold a secure space for you to be guided on your own personal journey of understanding.

Her courses are incredibly illuminating and deeply enjoyable.

I have worked with Tiffany for the last 5 years and have experienced all aspects of her work: Tiffany is an amazing clairvoyant psychic working with the karmic space of now, guiding us down our life paths and healing the parts of the wounded self. Tiffany's relationship to the archetypes of the Tarot are very profound indeed and this comes over in both her readings and her teachings, her relationship to the Divine expressed through her teaching of Reiki and the healing that she gives to others is sublime indeed. She is indeed a blessing to many of us at many levels of reality and I highly recommend her work.'

Stephen Wilkes


Tarot reading is a popular and ancient art-form.

An effective Reading can help to encourage confidence, esteem and choice for a client.  A Tarot reading can also help a client to gain insight and awareness, serving as a platform for reflection and evaluation of their everyday lives. 


Can I learn this in one day?

Yes as we only take small class numbers this allows you the individual attention required, you will also receive a comprehensive manual which covers everything you learn on the day, which is an excellent reference guide.

Why Book with us?

We are an award winning school, Number One Training School (out of over 80 schools) in the Beauty Industry Survey - By The Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists.

And Voted The Guild Awards of Excellence 'Best Training School' by students and won mulitple years in a row! We maintain high standards and are proud of our team of passionate and caring tutors.

When you book with us you have peace of mind we have a proven track record - established in 1998 and accredited by the top professional bodies.

Certificate - Insurance - Brands

Why is our course so popular?

This is because the certification we give you allows a student to work with which ever particular brand they choose to purchase later and use with their clients.

Importantly as we teach effective and safe methods with products our tutors love to use but do not insist on the students who attend to have to continue with any one given brand afterwards to gain insurance and use what they have learned with us professionally.

This then allows students to make their own choice of brand and also means that they are not tied by any particular brand when it comes to their insurance, so should they ever have a problem and if a claim is made and they have changed brand, they would still be covered (please check this with your insurance provider) giving you a lot more flexibility.

This also means you are not tied into buying brands from us which is very restrictive which only makes the school you are buying them from money but does not benefit you. This means the certificate you gain with us gives you the freedom to use what ever brand you wish, the tutors can guide you to good products but ultimately it is your choice!

98' to present date
© Gateway Workshops, students are not authorised to teach this course unless through Gateway. This is a therapist course only, information is copyright and to be used with their clients only and not taught to others.

Award Winning School - Click to Watch What Our Students Say About Gateway Courses

Certificates, Times, Venue and Balance Payment Information.

Certificates are given on the day of training, a recognised Gateway Diploma qualification.

Please note all of the professional bodies listed accredit this course apart from the World Metaphysical Association who approve courses but do not offer accreditation.

For course times, venue information etc please use/click on the information tabs above where this information can be found.

The balance of the course fee is paid direct to the tutor and they will contact you by email as soon as the deposit is paid for the course.

Course Manuals

All course manuals are included in the price of the course - you will get a bound hard copy course manual given to you on the day of your training.

Our Extra Gifts to You!

You will also get a complimentary Anatomy and Physiology manual as our gift to you - worth £10!
This is given to you when you sign up for a course as an e-manual, via a link in your course confirmation from your tutor.

You do NOT have to read this before your course.

You do NOT have to bring it with you as it is for later reference if you need it.

It is an extra manual to save you having to buy Anatomy and Physiology books later saving you money.

We also send you the Gateway therapist accounts package after you have completed a course with us - complimentary worth £10!

Course Accreditations

This course is insurable and accredited by the professional bodies, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, International Institute for Complementary Therapists, World Metaphysical Association.

For more information, see Accreditation & Entry Requirements information tab above

Certifications/Qualifications Attained

Gateway accredited/recognised diploma

Insurable allowing you to gain insurance and use therapy with the general public and charge.

Specialising in small classes for individual attention
Why book with us - Accredited, Established, Trusted, Recognised and Insurable Qualifications

Who do we train?

Every year we train thousands of therapists, from Champneys Health Resort, large professional salons like Dior, leading hotels like the Mandarin Oriental Spa at the Knightsbridge 5 star hotel, the Sanctuary, John Lewis Spa, Bobbi Brown, Channel 4 as well as training therapists and complete beginners who come to us at one of our many venues.


Feedback from our Students

"Thanks so much for last Friday's course, that and the tarot day have got to be two of the most amazing days I have ever experienced. The past life experience has explained so many things that I have been scared of in my life and shone a light on all my recurring nightmares and dreams. I already feel like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders".

"I am still working my way through the tarot pack and keeping a card at a time under my pillow and the dreams and events that I'm experiencing are amazingly apt to the card I'm carrying at that time. You are right when you describe this as a magical journey I feel like I'm in one of the most peaceful and yet exhilerating times of my life. Thank you so much I can't tell you how much this has all helped me refocus on what is important in life, I don't think you could have come along at a better time."


Feedback from our Students

Feedback from Denise Sanderson

Tutor was great, the course was fun and enjoyable with everyone included. It was informative along with the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Quite early in the course I realised how much of my own thoughts were getting in the way and I realised how much I needed to go with the flow, and it's working!

She has a warm personality and lovely aura. Her teaching style was excellent. I did an evening event the next night and I immediately put into action what I had learnt quite easily and felt even more confident with my reads, because I didn't let my own stuff get in the way, I just trusted and went with the flow, I would consider another course.



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