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New Wellbeing and Health Manual/Guide

Health and Well-being Guide/How to Lose Weight Manual

Are you looking to lose weight?
Tried everything but nothing has worked?
Want to further your existing knowledge to help friends, family or clients?
Then this manual is for you!

This is a very popular manual and we are delighted to be able to offer this to our Gateway readers.

The Health and Well-being Guide/Manual

How to Lose Weight is an online guide packed full of information based on how the body actually works. It is a must for everyone wanting to lose weight, therapists and health professionals wanting to help their clients, and also for those with a general interest in health and well-being.

Statistics show that about 70% of the western population are overweight, leading to many health related illnesses and diseases. We are bombarded with information and instructions on how to lose weight, but most of this is unhealthy, impractical or simply useless.

The information in this guide works with your body, providing information on how to effectively lose weight naturally. It follows ground breaking research that really makes sense!

This is at a very special discount price of just £15!

The How to Lose Weight Guide was written by Beth Holder, a leading Nutritionist. Beth has over ten years of experience in the health and well-being industry. She has inspired many to make the necessary changes to succeed in losing weight.

The How to Lose Weight Guide includes

  • An introduction to how the body actually works
  • A simple system for change
  • Ten steps to successfully lose weight
  • Vegetable juicing

You will also be given the information below completely FREE

  • FREE Healthy breakfast recipes
  • FREE Healthy snack ideas
  • FREE Healthy lunch recipes
  • FREE Healthy dinner recipes

Watch this space! This guide is the first of many health and well-being guides, all designed to help you reach optimum health or to further your existing knowledge in this field.

Remember this is a guide we will send to you and not a workshop that you attend so you can study this at home in your own time.


How to Lose Weight costs only £15.00 NEW DISCOUNTED PRICE!

See what some of her clients have said

“I have tried and tested every weight loss diet out there and only now understand why nothing worked! The information provided by Beth was simple, useful and effective”

Judith, London

“Thoroughly inspired by Beth and what she has to offer, thank you”

Damien, Surrey

“I have been a client of Beth’s for a while now and can safely say she has changed my life. I highly recommend what she has to offer”

Emma, London

“I didn’t really understand what I was doing wrong until I spoke with Beth, a real eye opener”

James, Milton Keynes

To Purchase This Product

To purchase this course, send £15 payment through Paypal to account:

The order link below will take you to Paypal, you will just need to log into your account, click the 'send money' link at the top of the PayPal page, enter the e-mail address and 15 into the amount box and select 'I'm paying for goods or services', and you will be able to confirm the payment.

You will then receive a link within 24 hours to download the guide.

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