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A professional online course to begin working as a Menopause Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach or for personal use

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Menopause Nutrition and Weight Loss Management - Accredited Practitioner Diploma Online Course

Our Menopause Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Practitioner Course is a professional online accredited and recognised diploma course, offering a fully certified qualification for anyone wanting to become a qualified Menopause Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Practitioner.

Menopause often gets a bad rap, with many women often dreading going through this phase of life because of its long and intimidating list of unpleasant symptoms. Women often suffer from hot flushes, moodiness, sleeping issues, fatigue, depression, a slowed metabolism, and more.

It's completely understandable to feel uneasy about this impending hormonal roller coaster ride! Thankfully, there are plenty of steps people can take to optimise their health and make the transitory period of menopause much smoother.

Nutrition is incredibly important at all stages of life, but menopause comes with a set of specific effects on the body that make a healthy diet especially important during this time.By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge, along with some great tools to be able to offer an individualised wellness plan in order to support clients in their own transitional journey through the menopause.

This course will teach you the important nutritional factors that need to be considered when working with clients, along with effective tools and strategies that can be used to not only improve nutrition and general wellbeing but also help with weight loss and/or avoiding weight gain.

You can use what you will learn to help yourself and others around you. As this course is professionally accredited and recognised, you can use the knowledge you gain to work as a professional Menopause Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Practitioner, if this is the path you choose.

This is an accredited professional and recognised course, full tutor support and no compromise on quality even when you see a discounted offer.

Practitioner certificate on completion.

✅ Our accredited courses are written by our expert skilled & qualified tutors, with in-depth knowledge of the subject.
✅ Your tutor is available to email with questions when needed.
✅ Easy learning at your own pace, with a year's access to our platform.



Full Course Information, Price & How to Book Simply Click HERE

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This course is open to complete beginners

You do not have to be a therapist to take this course or if you are an existing therapist you will be able to add this qualification to your insurance cover.

A professional insurable recognised course which allows you to work as a Menopause Practitioner and charge clients. A very popular and easy to learn course with great instructional videos and full tutor support available when needed, as you learn. This is fantastic information both for personal use or perfect to work with your clients too if needed.

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