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Online Course Options - See List of Available Accredited Professional Online Courses on This Page

Online Course Options - See List of Available Accredited Professional Online Courses on This Page

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, tutors available to support you whilst you are learning.


Gateway Online Courses

We have a Wide Range of Online Courses for Complete Beginners & Qualified Therapists.

Some of the popular ones are - Anatomy and Physiology, Award in Education Ofqual Level 3, CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Colour therapy, Law of Attraction, Gut Health, Menopause Wellness Practitioner, Mental Health Understanding and Care Ofqual Level 3, Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition, Tarot Past life, Angel healing, sleep therapy, courses for anxiety ....

And so much more!

Please note - We do NOT offer any of our massage or beauty courses online, these are all held at our venues - for full information with regard to this and the reasons why (insurance and council requirements) please scroll further down this page.

If you want to book a course with a tutor at a venue for massage or beauty - Please Stay on this main website!

Very Important

Please note you are only able to book a course with a tutor at a venue face to face attendance courses on this website which you are now on.

However if you wish to book one of our online courses, you will now need to visit our new sister site - using the link below.


Why we do not offer massage or beauty courses online

1. This is because we feel that it is not safe to offer massage or beauty courses online as you require a tutor to be with you in a room to guide you as these are hands-on therapies

2. Also the councils are looking to regulate our industry and the insurance companies are looking to make stricter laws with their policies and cover - which we welcome

3. It will be a lot harder to get many courses verified and covered for insurance soon due to new Government and council laws coming very soon

4. You need a professional assessment on the day of your course in person to make sure you have learned a hands-on therapy safely, this cannot be done online or by zoom and likely not be accepted in the near future

5. We want to make sure any massage or beauty qualification you gain can be used professionally and this needs to be with a tutor at a venue for insurance companies to be able to continue to insure you moving forwards

6. Avoid being caught out - continue learning your massage and beauty at a venue with a tutor to get the best tuition - be safe and to ensure you can use what you learn professionally and still get insurance cover

7. Many large spas, hotels and salons will not take an online training certificate for massage or beauty and will ONLY accept a qualification gained with a tutor face to face at a venue for their insurance purposes

8. To be taken seriously in our industry you want to make sure you get the right training with an experienced tutor - you can never replace this with online training as practical courses should be learned safely with a tutor face to face who has the right experience and tutor insurance to teach you correctly


The great news is we have many online courses that are students love to add to what they have already learned with us which compliment their massage and beauty that they already offer.

New Online dedicated sister website for all things online now available!

We have put all of our online courses onto our new site so you can easily see what is available, that way they are not lost in within our venue courses.





You will find all of our online courses on our new website there is a list below of just some of them you will find but there are many more!

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