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Questionnaire Our Feedback Form

Help us help you! Fill out the questionnaire below so that we can improve our services. Thank you.

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As well as ticking the boxes below - As you go through this form - Please click on the 'Leave your feedback' purple buttons which will open these sections so you can leave your comments.

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2) Tutor, Venue and Courses

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What course did you attend?
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Did you get confirmation of the course you booked from your tutor by email, within 3 days of booking? Yes No Was the tutor easy to contact before and after your course if needed? Yes No


3) About Gateway

What made you decide to book with Gateway? Where did you hear about us?
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4) How We Can Help Further

Are you new to the therapy industry? Yes No Did you know we also offer online courses? Yes No Are there any courses (attendance or online) we are not offering you would like us to? If yes, please leave extra feedback to tell us what ones. Yes No
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5) Usability & Your Feedback

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Thank you so much for filling out our feedback form.

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