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Thermo Auricular Therapy - Ear Candling is an non-invasive treatment targeting many issues

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Thermo Auricular Therapy - Ear Candling Practitioner Online Course

Professional Practitioner level training course in Thermo Auricular Therapy - Ear Candling, is a popular course for beginners and therapists offering many benefits.

It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and excellent to use with family and friends or for any therapist to train and add to their existing repertoire.

The skills you will learn on this online course can be used to treat many conditions.

Thermo Auricular Therapy - Ear Candling Course Content

Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, is an ancient practice that involves placing a hollow candle made from beeswax and herbs into the ear canal and lighting it.

This creates a gentle vacuum effect, drawing out impurities and creating a soothing and relaxing sensation.

The traditional ear candles were made by rolling a thin strip of beeswax and herbal ingredients, such as sage and chamomile, into a hollow tube. This would then be lit at one end and placed gently into the ear canal. As the candle burned down, a soft crackling sound could be heard, and warm air and herbal essences were released, creating a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

Throughout history, different cultures have adapted the practice of ear candling to suit their specific beliefs and traditions. Whilst the techniques and materials may vary, the underlying principle remains the same - using heat and suction to cleanse and restore balance to the ear.

Today, ear candling is not only used as a therapeutic treatment but also as a holistic beauty therapy. Many people find the gentle warmth and crackling sound of the candles to be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Some practitioners even offer additional treatments, such as facial massages or aromatherapy, to enhance the overall experience.

Some of the conditions it is useful for are listed below;

  • Tinnitus, ear wax, glue ear
  • Sore throats, hay fever
  • Headache, migraine
  • Rhinitis, sinusitis 
  • Catarrh, asthma
  • Regulating pressure in ears and head
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Stimulates lymphatic system

Once you have completed the course you will receive your certificate, this is an accredited course therefore you will be able to obtain insurance and use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.

Trusted, Recognised & Insurable Practitioners Course on Government/Councils Approved Accredited list

A very popular course with our students and in demand with their clients.

We Currently Train Hundreds of Self-Employed and Salon Therapists Weekly 

We also train the therapists at Gleneagles 5 star Hotel and Spa - Cliveden Hotel and Spa – Champneys’ therapists on a regular basis and all of Bobbi Brown's UK staff/Therapists in beauty.

Mandarin Oriental Spa at the Knightsbridge 5 star hotel and Dior.

Makeup Artists at Large Filming Companies and Makeup Artists Hollyoaks for Channel 4 - And Many other Large Hotels, Famous Spas and Salons for Massage and Beauty.

This is a recognised qualification that you can use professionally

This course is designed for both qualified therapists who wish to add to their repertoire but also for complete beginners who have not yet worked in this field.

Open to Complete Beginners & Therapists

You do not need any prior massage or therapist experience or qualifications to do this course.

This is an accredited professional and recognised course with full tutor support and no compromise on quality, even when you see a discounted offer.

Diploma certificate on completion.

✅  Our accredited courses are written by our expert skilled & qualified tutors, with in-depth knowledge of the subject.
✅  Your tutor is available to email with questions when needed.
✅  Easy learning at your own pace, with a year's access to our platform.



Full Course Information, Price & How to Book Simply Click HERE

- Taking You to Our Dedicated Online Website To View this Online Course

This course is open to complete beginners

You do not have to be a therapist to take this course or if you are an existing therapist you will be able to add this qualification to your insurance cover.

A professional insurable recognised course which allows you to work as a Thermo Auricular Therapy - Ear Candling Practitioner and charge clients. A very popular and easy to learn course with great instructional videos and full tutor support available when needed, as you learn. This is fantastic information both for personal use or perfect to work with your clients too if needed.

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