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Massage Courses

For Beginners use with family or friends, Couples massage or Refresher for those wishing to brush up on skills

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Massage for Couples, Singles, Beginners Course - Or a Great Workshop for Anyone Needing a Refresher on Previous Training 

Massage workshop for Couples, Singles and Beginners, this is an Intro to/Refresher for Swedish Body Massage.

This massage workshop is great for complete beginners (singles or couples) wishing to use this with family or friends or those therapists who wish to brush up on their skills.

We have many partners attend this course as it is ideal for couples however if you are single and wishing to use this for family and friends we also accept individuals.

Course Fee - £130.00

A deposit of £26.00 is payable when you book with us.
The remaining balance is paid to the course tutor to help you budget, they will be in contact with you as soon as you choose your date and book with us.

We currently train hundreds of self employed and salon therapists weekly and all of Bobbi Brown's UK staff in our beauty courses as well as Channel 4 make-up artists on Hollyoaks, large hotels, famous spa's and salons for massage and beauty.

This workshop is just £130 per person and is very popular due to the small classes we offer.

The Holistic Massage Techniques you’ll Learn During this Workshop Include Effleurage, Petrissage, and Tapotement (or percussion)

  • Effleurage: Gliding strokes with the palms, thumbs and/or fingertips
  • Petrissage: Kneading movements with the hands, thumbs and/or fingers
  • Tapotement: Hacking and Cupping

Holistic massage feels good and is relaxing and invigorating. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, while promoting health and well being.

The Topics which are Covered in this Holistic Massage Workshop are

  • The benefits of Holistic Massage
  • Partial and total contraindications
  • Massage mediums
  • Classification of massage movements
  • Basic massage techniques and sequence - full body
  • Massage aftercare

All course information is easy to find right here

You can find the full course description, times and price on this page - For venues and dates on offer, when ready simply click on the purple view dates or book now button.

Who is this Workshop aimed at?

We find that many people attend this workshop who are thinking of getting into massage as a career too, perhaps you are not sure if massage is for you and you want to make sure before you invest money into longer training.

This workshop is ideal for you! It will give you a full day to find out all there is about massage for the full body (the main parts that hold tension and stress - working on the full body does not mean every single part will be massaged as in a days workshops you will not have the time to cover all areas however the main ones will be focused on) and even get to learn a routine to use with family and friends and often afterwards many decide to take their training further.

If however you wish to just attend to use it for only personal use this workshop is perfect, most are surprised how much they learn in one day and how enjoyable it is.

Do I have to Bring someone with me or can I come on my own?

Our Massage for Couples, Singles and Beginners Workshop is also ideal for couples looking to work together and be able to learn how to give each other a massage - how wonderful! Makes a great gift too.

If you wish to attend on your own, you will be teamed up with another person on the day so you do not have to bring a model with you.

Many people who attend this course often massage members of their family but just wish they knew how to do it more effectively, this workshop is ideal.

Just 6 students for individual attention

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

For full workshop content please scroll down this page


Approved for CPD points only, this is not an insurable course it is a workshop for use with family and friends only

This is a workshop for use with family and friends only, if you wish to use a therapy with clients and charge, please book onto one of our accredited diploma courses as this is designed for personal use only as a workshop is not insurable for public use.

Many beginners start with the Indian head massage or chair massage - these are massage courses for beginners with no previous experience and can be used with clients professionally so you can gain insurance and charge for your treatments.

If you require information on a one day massage course to use professionally as a therapist with clients - please click on the link below:

If you are looking for a full body massage course to gain a professional qualification we offer the ITEC level 3 qualification - details for this course can be found here:

Course FAQs

Click on the question to reveal the answer.

How do I pay the balance for my course?

When you book a course with us, we take the deposit for the course (we do not take the full payment) then once you have booked your details are sent directly to the tutor and they will contact you with regard to the balance.

We give you this option as many students do not wish to pay in full for their course straight away as they have limited funds, so often this can allow you if you book in advance to only pay the deposit and then pay the balance later allowing you to budget.

You will have a choice to pay the balance straight away or for the higher priced courses some of the balances can be paid in instalments. You will receive a confirmation email from the tutor once you have booked and within this email it will give you the information you require so you can pay the balance directly to your tutor.

If you are a company paying for a student to attend please email us as we accept a Pro forma invoice if required, we are happy for the tutor to contact you directly to charge the full amount so you do not have to pay in two payments (please note this is only available for company bookings). We can arrange this for you on request.

It’s quick and easy to book with us; you can immediately look forward to your course and a great day learning a new therapy.

We have caring and helpful tutors who will be in touch with you quickly and they are contactable before your course starts, helping you with any questions you may have making your decision to book with us the right one.

It is important to know you are in safe hands now, on your training day and when your course has finished. You will receive excellent aftercare and help and advice from your tutor when needed.

Why book with us?

We are an award winning school, Number One Training School (out of over 80 schools) in the Beauty Industry Survey - By The Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists.

Trusted, Recognised & Insurable Courses on Government/Councils Approved Accredited list.

Voted The Guild Awards of Excellence 'Best Training School' by students and won 5 years in a row! We maintain high standards and are proud of our team of passionate and caring tutors.

When you book with us you have peace of mind we have a proven track record - established in 1998 and accredited by many recognised professional bodies. We pride ourselves on very high standard courses which reflects in our high pass rates!

We are a trusted school since 1998 and accredited by all the top professional bodies.

We have trained many professional therapists and make up artists from large professional salons, hotels and spas at:

Gleneagles 5 star hotel and Spa Scotland

Champneys Health Resorts

Bobbi Brown UK & Ireland

Make up Artists at Large Filming Companies and Hollyoaks for Channel 4 and Top Hotels and Spas

The Mandarin Oriental Spa at Knightsbridge

Dior, John Lewis Spa, The Sanctuary and many other leading companies.

We have trained many salon therapists, mobile therapists and corporate ladies and gentlemen.

We have also trained thousands of complete beginners, police men and women, air hostesses - flight attendants, office workers, mums, retired men and women, members of the NHS all looking for a rewarding career change or an extra income.

We offer value for money, professional training from passionate and skilled tutors and the chance to earn an extra income or maybe offer you training to allow a complete life change and a different career path.

Receive these Gifts when you Train with us - Giving you added extra of over £50!


Anatomy and Physiology e-manual  

Copy of our therapist accounts package  

Access to our FREE courses available on this site too

Do I need to bring a model with me? AND What do I need to bring?


You do not need to take a model with you as you will work with another student on the day of training.

The class runs with 2 or more people booked on and you can book 24 hours before the start date if you wish.

If you do not wish to be worked on due to medical reasons, sometimes the tutor can provide one or you can bring someone with you if advised beforehand. The tutor will be happy to discuss this with you.

What should I bring with me

All products that you use on the day whilst learning will be provided on the day of your training for massage, beauty and spiritual courses and are included in the price of your course.

Students should bring pen/pencil, paper and own lunch. Loose/comfortable clothing should be worn. You do not need to take anything with you to a class - all massage & Beauty couches, chairs, towels and equipment are all provided.

If you are booking a massage course - because massage will be undertaken, normal standards of cleanliness will be expected including short fingernails.

The tutors will be able to advise you on the best and most affordable equipment and/or kits to buy when you train with them so you can use these with your clients, or if you wish to buy them before you train you can!

There are no written exams for our one day courses, only a practical assessment by the tutor as you work during the day. The guidance you receive from your tutor will allow you to easily grasp your new skill.

You do not need to wear a therapist tunic or whites unless you wish to, comfortable clothing is fine.

We do have a product page on our website which offers discounts on many products that the tutors use, which you can check out any time.

Certificate Information - Is your certification brand specific? And - Do you offer discounts on products needed after the course?

Our certification is not brand specific.

You will get a practitioners certificate and it does NOT say one day course anywhere on it.

It is a professional practitioners certificate and the accreditation body logos are also on your certificate showing who has approved it for insurance purposes.

Trusted, Recognised & Insurable Courses on Government/Councils Approved Accredited list.

If you are choosing a massage or beauty course, our courses are popular because the certification we give you allows a student to work with which ever particular brand they choose to purchase later and use with their clients.

Importantly as we teach effective and safe methods with products that our tutors love to use, but do not insist on the students who attend to have to continue with any one given brand afterwards to gain insurance and use what they have learned with us professionally.

This then allows students to make their own choice of brand and also means that they are not tied by any particular brand when it comes to their insurance, so should they ever have a problem and if a claim is made and they have changed brand, they would still be covered (please check this with your insurance provider) giving you a lot more flexibility.

This also means you are not tied into buying brands from us which is very restrictive which only makes the school you are buying them from money but does not benefit you. This means the certificate you gain with us gives you the freedom to use what ever brand you wish, the tutors can guide you to good products but ultimately it is your choice!

In some cases your insurance may be invalid if you train with a branded product detailed on your training certificate and you then change to another brand. However, providing non brand specific training allows us to offer our courses at a lower cost, allowing you to spend what is right for you on the necessary products rather than buying unnecessary and costly equipment.

The tutor will be happy to discuss products, prices and how much you can charge for the therapy on your training day. The tutor will also cover the insurance information for you, we receive a discount with a large insurance company covering our training for those of you new to this field or wanting to change to a new and more affordable cover.

Yes we do offer discounts for products you can use after your course - We have teamed up with some excellent companies to offer really good discounts to our students.

We give you all of this information in your course manuals you receive (included in the price of your course) on the day of your training

I have noticed the course I want to book is full, can you squeeze another student on?

Sadly No

We are sorry we cannot do this, we have to stick to the advertised numbers due to specialising in small classes and not having room at the venues to take more people.

However what we suggest is to book onto the next date available that you can make and when filling out your details, there is a note box section within the booking form.

You can request here that you can be moved to the earlier date if there are any cancellations so you can be prioritised and contacted if we have anyone drop out.

All dates and availability are updated live as you book, once the deposit has been paid online. Please note the numbers available (which are showing when you visit our site) are correct on a minute to minute basis and will show full as soon as the course date becomes fully booked.

If the venue you selected says there are no dates available please choose a different venue you can travel to or alternative date optoin - or you can email us to be put on the waiting list for any cancellations and we are happy to let you know as soon as one becomes free.


For Dates & Venues on offer and also the Course Price - please use the PURPLE LINK BUTTONS which are located on this page to be able to view all dates available.

It will give you a list of venues where we offer this course and also the dates and price too.

It is quick and easy to book with us and we only take a small deposit to book on.

COVID Information - Health and Safety at our Courses

Trusted, Recognised & Insurable Courses on Government/Councils Approved Accredited list.

All venues open - Following Government Health, Safety/PPE requirements.

Health & safety is our number 1 priority for both our students and our tutors.

When you book your tutor will send you all the information you require about PPE and they are always happy to answer any questions that you may have relating to COVID updates.

Do I have to take an exam on the day? AND - What are CPD Points?

No you do not have to take a written exam on the day, only a practical assessment.

No case studies are required - no written exams, certificate given on the day on completion of a successful practical assessment with your tutor.

All our courses have been awarded CPD points (Continuing Professional Development). There are a certain amount of points required by the various bodies (IFPA, FHT etc) to ensure that members are up to date with various therapies. For example Aromatherapists are required every 3 years to keep their training in massage up to date and will look for CPD courses to be able to do this.



Avoid being caught out - continue learning your massage and beauty at a venue with a tutor to get the best tuition - be safe and to ensure you can use what you learn professionally and still get insurance cover


Why we do not offer massage or beauty courses online

1. This is because we feel that it is not safe to offer massage or beauty courses online as you require a tutor to be with you in a room to guide you as these are hands-on therapies

2. Also the councils are looking to regulate our industry and the insurance companies are looking to make stricter laws with their policies and cover - which we welcome

3. It will be a lot harder to get many courses verified and covered for insurance soon due to new Government and council laws coming very soon

4. You need a professional assessment on the day of your course in person to make sure you have learned a hands-on therapy safely, this cannot be done online or by zoom and likely not be accepted in the near future

5. We want to make sure any massage or beauty qualification you gain can be used professionally and this needs to be with a tutor at a venue for insurance companies to be able to continue to insure you moving forwards

6. Many large spas, hotels and salons will not take an online training certificate for massage or beauty and will ONLY accept a qualification gained with a tutor face to face at a venue for their insurance purposes

7. To be taken seriously in our industry you want to make sure you get the right training with an experienced tutor - you can never replace this with online training as practical courses should be learned safely with a tutor face to face who has the right experience and tutor insurance to teach you correctly

8.You learn a lot by receiving a treatment as well as learning how to give a treatment, you cannot experience how it feels or what it should feel like if you learn over zoom or by video - this is why you learn best being in a class with other students

Do you offer in-house training and can you come to us?


If you are a salon, college, spa or hotel etc and require in-house training, please email us as we can organise a trainer to come to your location with 4 or more students.

We have a long history of offering high quality in-house training with experienced tutors who can come to you.

Our courses are fully recognised and accredited making them fully insurable for the therapist to use professionally.

We train Therapists and we also offer in-house training, we currently train all of Bobbi Brown's UK staff past 3 years, Gleneagles 5 star Hotel and Spa Scotland, Make up Artists at Large Filming Companies and Hollyoaks for Channel 4 and Top Hotels and Spas

Do I need therapist insurance to attend a class AND How much is insurance if I need it later and who do you recommend

You do NOT need insurance to take our courses, but we advise you to act professionally and obtain suitable professional liability insurance (if you intend to use what you have learned on our practitioner courses and use them with the general public.)

Prices for insurance varies but works out at about £60 - £80 a year depending which therapy you train in.

Full details are given to you on the day of your course, however if you are a therapist already and have insurance you will be able to add your training to your existing insurance (we always advise you to check first before booking) or if they do not offer it for what you have learned we can suggest alternatives so you are covered.

All this information can be found with your course information or you can contact your tutor at any time for further information or help and aftercare when needed.

Gateway highly recommends Westminster for therapist insurance. They are affordable, reliable and many of our students use them on a yearly basis. You will be given full information for Westminster insurance on the day of your training and you can also find their information in the product/shop section of our website.



Many other companies offer similar courses but have much larger classes therefore it has to be taught over a longer period of time. You may be asked to come back a second day to go over what you have learnt as the tutor does not have time to get around the class due to the large numbers.

Some other schools offer their courses over 2 days, sometimes it is a good way to get you to pay more but very often you will learn the same routines, so what is the difference? They will often have much larger classes so they will have to spread their training over a longer period of time, however we believe in small numbers so you receive one to one tuition.

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free of charge. However, due to small classes this is rare but available if required.


We also send you a fantastic FREE Anatomy and Physiology manual before you attend our courses; another reason why some training classes elsewhere are over 2 days.

This will be due to the fact the tutor will spend a lot of the time reading about the A & P on the day which we feel you should not pay for, so we give you a free manual so you can to do this in your own time. Relevant anatomy and physiology will of course be covered on the day.

Please however remember this manual is an extra freebie from us, your course training manual is included in the cost of the course and you will receive this as a fully bound hard copy on the day of your training.

Do your prices include VAT?


All booking fees (deposits) are inclusive of VAT, Gateway is registered for VAT as a school and booking/promotional agent.

The 'course fee’ (balance) payable to the tutors is VAT exempt as VAT is not applicable to Education.

The price on the website is inclusive of everything, no hidden charges.

Receive these Gifts when you Train with us - Giving you added extras worth over £50!


    Anatomy and Physiology e-manual
    Copy of our therapist accounts package
    Access to our complimentary 'Hands Free' Massage Video Download too!
    Access to course reference videos helps you remember routine taught
    Discounts off therapist insurance and products

Can I repeat the course for free if I need to?


Our Promise to you - Yes you can repeat the course free of charge if needed.

Our tutors are so confident that one day is adequate for our one day Diploma courses, due to the small numbers they teach, if they or you feel you need to come back to repeat the course you can do this free of charge.

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free within 6 months when spaces are available with the same tutor.

However, due to small classes and the 1-1 attention you receive this is rare but for your peace of mind available if required.


You can find all the latest students’ feedback, good or bad, here on this page.


When you complete a course with us, you will receive an email asking you to fill out our student feedback form.

All of our testimonials are genuine coming from the students who have taken our courses and we have a very high rating on Trustpilot and our Gateway Facebook business pages.

You know when you book with us you are booking with a company that has over 20 years’ experience teaching thousands of students and we have passionate and caring tutors you can trust.

We look forward to you attending a course with us and receiving your feedback too!

Our tutors are passionate and kind and look after all of our students, we are an established company with a 20+ history behind us to make sure we get it right and we thank all those students who have sent in feedback, as we love to hear from them after a class.

Are your course tutors fully qualified? How do I contact my tutor


All our tutors hold teaching qualifications and are experts in their fields, they all have professional qualifications in all the subject areas that they teach with years of experience so you know you will receive the best training available.

Excellent tuition on the day with expert tutors, but also fantastic aftercare when needed and help with any questions, which makes us different and unique to many other companies offering courses not only will you get great tutors whilst you learn - but also great aftercare too - many other companies do not offer this and leave you to your own devices.

Your tutor's contact details can be found in your web site confirmation email you were sent when you booked with us, there is a link that takes you to your tutor's information with their email and phone contact details.

The tutor will also confirm your booking by email giving you all the information you need for them and the full details for the venue and directions and final balance payment information.

What if a course is full - do you have a waiting list option?

All dates and availability are updated live as you book, once the deposit has been paid online, a place is allocated.

Please note the numbers available (which are showing when you visit our site on the date and venue pages) are correct on a minute to minute basis and will show full as soon as the course date becomes fully booked.

Courses run with two or more people booked on and some can get booked very quickly so early booking is advised so you do not miss out on the date you can make.

If a date is full, most students book onto the next date available that they can make and when filling out your details, there is a note box section within the booking form and you can request here that you can be moved to the earlier date if there are any cancellations so you can be prioritised and contacted if we have anyone drop out.

If the venue you selected says there are no dates available please choose a different venue you can travel to or if no other venues have a date suitable, you can email us to be put on the waiting list for any cancellations and we are happy to let you know as soon as one becomes free.

What is included in the course fee, for your ONE DAY courses

For our one day courses, practical tuition training materials - if you choose a massage or a beauty course also included is towels, blankets, creams/oils, massage tables/chairs are all provided on the day so you do not have to take anything with you.

Also included is a fully comprehensive award winning manual.

The booking fee (your deposit) is inclusive of VAT and no VAT to pay on the balance of the course fee.

Why should I train with Gateway and tell me more about your expert trainers?

Our Tutors

Our tutors are like a family unit; they deliver their courses with care and passion and have very high standards when it comes to our training. When taking a course with Gateway, you have peace of mind that you will be training with a long established company, whose training courses are recognised and passed by the top professional bodies, ensuring quality training with experienced tutors.

Established in 1998 we have a great team of tutors who have a wealth of knowledge and are passionate and caring. They also take pride with the way they look after their studetns both on the day of their training and also offer great aftercare and help where needed. All tutors are experienced in dealing with all different levels of skills and with small classes you are assured of individual attention.

All Gateway tutors hold a professional teacher training qualification (often the Award in Education, PTLLS level 3 or 4 or equivalent) and have also been a therapist for many years as well as a trainer, so you know you are in good hands.

We have years of experience to offer you, ensuring that you will be delighted with the course you choose.

Are the Gateway Workshops training courses with your Diploma, enough to get work?


Our professional training courses are recognised qualifications and accredited with the top bodies, which means you will be able to get therapist insurance allowing you to work professionally with the general public and charge.

We are accredited by many professional bodies. Established 1998 - Trusted, Professional & Recognised Courses on Government & Council Approved list.

Do you help students find work after a course?

Help in Finding Work After You Have Trained With Us

The one question we have been asked by the most students is how to find work after you have trained with us, so we have teamed up with a company that can help! They can help find therapists work in London and all around the UK, whether it is part time work or full time they can help.

This information can be found on our website. We want to make sure we look after our students that train with us to make it easier to build your client base or just top up what you already have.

You can find this information on our links page on our website.

One day Workshop - Price £130.00

Discover our Award Winning Massage Courses - Click on Video Below

Please watch our short introduction video, showing you what to expect from our massage courses and to learn more.

Please remember to activate the sound on video when it loads, before it starts to play!

Then scroll down this page to view all the course information, content of the course, price, venue and dates available.

About this workshop

Do you want to incorporate massage in your life? This is an ideal course for you and if you wish to go on later and gain a qualification and be a professional therapist we also offer these courses.

This is a fun day but you will learn a lot as well; as well as learning you will receive a wonderfully relaxing massage. Ideal for singles or those who wish to come as a couple, you will learn how to give a full body massage in a small group of just 6, giving you one to one tuition.

Are you a couple and looking for a workshop to learn all about massage? We have many couples who attend our workshop looking for something they can share bringing them closer together.

✅  Train with a multi-award winning school, over 25+ years proven history of quality training at affordable prices.

✅  Learn with passionate and caring tutors.

✅  Certificate given on the day on completion of a successful practical assessment with your tutor.

✅  No case studies are required - no written exams

✅  This course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, it is a one day course

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free of charge. However, due to small classes this is rare but available if required.

Full course content and dates available, can be found further down this page.

This is an insurable practitioners course & recognised qualification, allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.


Will I learn a full massage body routine?

A day is a short time to learn a full routine so we have put together the main parts of the body so you can learn a routine covering all the major areas that hold stress and tension.

What if I am not looking for a workshop but an accredited course so I can be a professional massage therapist - I want to learn how to massage the full body so what course should I take?

The information on this page is for our introductory workshop - However if you are looking for a more in-depth massage course that is accredited rather than a workshop then you would need to attend our ITEC level 3 full body massage course.

The course that allows you to use what you have learnt with the general public professionally and charge, if you would like this information instead - it is run over 5 days

Please click on the link below for this option:

Learning the moves was deeply satisfying. Giving a reasonable holistic massage is easy, but not immediately achievable: I don't think you could learn from a book. Both my partner Anke and I were cack-handed initially, but, in time, we got it. Success flowed from rhythm and confidence. We applied our new skills by giving partners a full massage - arms, hands, legs (back and front), feet, stomach, shoulders, neck, face and back. Just for arms, for example, not including hands, we mastered nine techniques.

After learning the moves on Anke, it was my turn to be the dummy. So the final part of the course for me was an hour long massage. That wasn't too taxing. Afterwards, we were euphoric. Perhaps it was a result of being massaged all day, but really I think it was the joy of learning a new skill so comprehensively.

Angus Watson - Journalist for the Telegraph (March 2009)

Hi Sue I attended Gateway's introductory massage workshop on Sunday and was very happy with it. The teacher made us very welcome and was supportive and encouraging throughout. She was always sensitive to our needs and made it a thoroughly positive and constructive experience all round. I hope to go on to study for a diploma in massage and will keep the examples at the forefront of my mind. All best wishes

Catherine Silvester

Voted Guild Awards of Excellence Winner

'Best Training School' 5 years in a row

Our Promise to you

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free of charge within 6 months when spaces are available with the same tutor.

However, due to small classes and the 1-1 attention you receive this is rare but for your peace of mind available if required.

What will I Learn on the Day?

Most of the day will be spent on achieving a practical routine which can be adapted for one's use on friends, family and oneself. The routine will be broken down into a series of formations which will provide a comprehensive understanding of how you can include massage very easily into your day to day life style.

This course is very popular and we only take up to 4 - 6 people (depending on venue) so early booking is advised.

There will be general information on History and Theory as there is so much that can be fitted into the workshop. The manual will include information for further study and a list of Reference books for anyone who wants to further their interest/ knowledge.

Techniques will be practised on each other so everyone gives and receives.

Holistic Body Massage Introduction/Refresher Workshop - Course Structure

This workshop is ideal for those of you new to massage & wish to use massage with family and friends, it is also a good reminder for those of you who have completed a massage course in the past and would like a refresher.

The term "Holistic Massage" refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The main purpose of Holistic massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles.

Holistic massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. It increases circulation without increasing heart load. It stretches the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and pliable. Holistic Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested in a regular program for stress management. It also has many specific medical uses.

All students will have the techniques demonstrated to them, and each will both give and receive the massage. There is a maximum class size of four, ensuring one-to-one attention at all times. Comprehensive notes for students to take home are included in the workshop price, and each will receive a certificate of attendance signed by the tutor.

This is another of our very popular workshops and there are limited number of places available, it is advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

Can I really learn enough in just one day?


Our philosophy is to keep classes small in order to give more attention to each student, thus cutting down on class hours. You will learn the same technique offered by other companies; however we pride ourselves on one to one tuition in smaller classes. With all Gateway courses you will receive a fully comprehensive manual, which covers the course material and all aspects you have learnt on the day.


11 CPD course points has been awarded for this workshop

98' to present date
© Gateway Workshops, students are not authorised to teach this course unless through Gateway. This is a therapist course only, information is copyright and to be used with their clients only and not taught to others.

Award Winning School - Click to Watch What Our Students Say About Gateway Courses

Certificates, Times, Venue and Balance Payment Information.

For course times, venue information etc please use/click on the information tabs above where this information can be found.

The balance of the course fee is paid direct to the tutor and they will contact you by email as soon as the deposit is paid for the course.

Course Manuals

All course manuals are included in the price of the course - you will get a bound hard copy course manual given to you on the day of your training.

Our Extra Gifts to You!

You will also get a complimentary Anatomy and Physiology manual as our gift to you - worth £10!
This is given to you when you sign up for a course as an e-manual, via a link in your course confirmation from your tutor.

You do NOT have to read this before your course.

You do NOT have to bring it with you as it is for later reference if you need it.

It is an extra manual to save you having to buy Anatomy and Physiology books later saving you money.

We also send you the Gateway therapist accounts package after you have completed a course with us - complimentary worth £10!

Why Book with us?

We are an award winning school, Number One Training School (out of over 80 schools) in the Beauty Industry Survey - By The Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists.

And Voted The Guild Awards of Excellence 'Best Training School' by students and won mulitple years in a row! We maintain high standards and are proud of our team of passionate and caring tutors.

When you book with us you have peace of mind we have a proven track record - established in 1998 and accredited by the top professional bodies.

Certifications/Qualifications Attained

You will receive a certificate of attendance

Who do we train?

Every year we train thousands of therapists, from Champneys Health Resort, large professional salons like Dior, leading hotels like the Mandarin Oriental Spa at the Knightsbridge 5 star hotel, the Sanctuary, John Lewis Spa, Bobbi Brown, Channel 4 as well as training therapists and complete beginners who come to us at one of our many venues.


Feedback from our Students

Feedback from Paul Murphy

Excellent! very interesting very informative with a superb tutor who was very patient and made the course fun as well as informative. Money well spent would recommend to anyone who is interested in massage with a view to helping family and friends and anyone who would benefit from a good massage.


Feedback from Caroline Carruthers

Sue was an excellent tutor who offered not only the instructions and techniques as outlined in the course material but also techniques and tips tailored to each individual attending the course depending upon each persons desired outcome and specific aims.

The course outlined was exactly what I was looking for and there was a range of locations and dates to choose from.


Feedback from Ian Lloyd
Tutor Feedback
My tutor had a very nice manner - seamlessly removing any apprehensions and anxieties I had. She made sure that she understood what everyone wanted from the course and why they were there. Whilst the course was very basic and only an introduction to massage I think we all got a great deal from it, my tutor was very good at demonstrating the techniques and gave good additional advice as we went along.

It was very helpful that she wrote down any additional tips etc. that arose and summarised them for us at the end so that we were not trying to update our notes during our hands on time - which can be very distracting. Overall a great day - lovely location, excellent tutor.


Feedback from Natalie And Tom

We thought it was wonderful! A truly lovely lady, could not fault in any way. She put us at ease straight away, considering the delicacy of the course, neither of us felt pressured, or "stupid" for asking questions, not that we asked many, as everything was explained brilliantly. The teaching was superb, was relaxed, but not so much so that it felt too informal. We still recognised the authority. I would definitely love to take another class held by her.

Course exceeded our expectations. I didn't think I would come away with all that knowledge and the feel of a qualified masseuse. We would definitely consider another course through Gateway. Manuals are brilliant! Photo's are great, very informative.


Feedback from Joshua Bratt
Course: Massage Introduction Workshop for Couples, Singles, Beginners and refresher - Full Body
Tutor Feedback
My tutor had a lovely tone as a tutor and was very welcoming and friendly at the centre. Very positive experience overall, my partner and I loved the class.

Did the course live up to your expectations? Yes

Would you consider attending another course with us? Yes

What made you decide to book with Gateway
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Where did you hear about Gateway? Google

Did you find this web site easy to use? Yes

Is it ok to use your comments on the website? Yes

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