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17 March 2017

Contraindications - From 2017 to present day


When you sign up for a course with us, by ticking you agree to our terms and conditions you agree to letting us know about any health issues you may have.

Important - Our tutors put your safety and comfort first at all times and as with any treatments there are contra-indications to consider which MAY affect you attending / your involvement/participation on the course. This also applies for all the other students on the course - the person or paying friend you will be pairing up with to practice. If you have any concerns your tutor is happy to cover these before the course.

Please confirm if you are under treatment from your GP and other practitioners for any of the following:

Pregnancy - Are you within the first three months? Cancer, HIV and AIDS, Epilepsy, HBP or heart conditions, Infectious skin disorders like chicken pox, Contagious illness, Diabetes (if skin is very thin bruising may occur), Paralysis or loss of sensation

Recent surgery on neck or face (if attending Natural Lift Facial Massage/ Indian Head Massage any other facial course)
 You may need a letter from your GP stating that it is safe/appropriate for you to give and receive a massage treatment on a one-day course. Care should also be taken if you are suffering from the following during the day of the course.  Again this may affect your participation on the course:

Local Psoriasis or Eczema - open sores or infections to the skin or ears, cold sores, high temperature or fever, drunk or under the influence of other drugs, local pain such as toothache, sunburnt, hypersensitive or broken skin, acute inflammation or swelling, severe acne, procedures such as Botox in the previous three weeks, Conjunctivitis.

COVID-19 illnesses and related cancellations by students

If a student is ill on arrival the tutor has the right to not allow that person into the class, if you do not turn up on the day or cancel outside of the 14 days cancellation time period required and your illness is COVID-19 you are asked to show us evidence of this (proof of the COVID-19 POSITIVE test result) to be able considered for another training date. This is because if someone is ill for any other reason then legally we are not obliged to re-book them and if you cancel without giving enough notice and wish to attend again, students are required to book and pay again in full.

If your cancellation is cancer related, we take each case on an individual basis to review and often can fully refund or transfer you to a later date.

Students cancelling last minute or on the day will be asked for evidence that  they tested positive for COVID-19 and will be asked to produce evidence of this with a copy of their test result. Once this has been checked and approved by us, then the student is allowed to come back free of charge ‘once’ as a good will gesture, a last minute cancellation place will be offered (or if a course isn’t booking they get offered a place 24 hours beforehand) this free place will be offered as a good will gesture but students are not  entitled to a refund of any money paid.

You will be given a health waiver to sign on the day of your course which will ask you to state that - You are in good physical condition and fully able to participate in the course and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional and that you certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude your participation at the training course. If for any reason you refuse to sign this on the day you will not be allowed to attend and train with us you will waive the right to a refund of your course for all monies paid including the deposit.

New Online Gateway Website Launches

21 October 2021

Have you seen our new sister website - for all things online!?

Gateway Online Courses

We have a Wide Range of Online Courses for Complete Beginners & Qualified Therapists.

Some of the popular ones are - Anatomy and Physiology, Award in Education Ofqual Level 3, CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Colour therapy, Gut Health, Mental Health Understanding and Care Ofqual Level 3, Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition, Tarot Past life, Angel healing, sleep therapy, courses for anxiety, GDPR for business

And so much more!

Please note - We do NOT offer any of our massage or beauty courses online, these are all held at our venues - for full information with regard to this and the reasons why (insurance and council requirements) please scroll further down this page.

If you want to book a course with a tutor at a venue for massage or beauty - Please Stay on this main website!

Very Important

Please note you are only able to book a course with a tutor at a venue face to face attendance courses on this website which you are now on.

However if you wish to book one of our online courses, you will now need to visit our new sister site - using the link below.



11 October 2021


Gateway Workshops Ltd is committed as a company to offering its students quality courses which are continually improving. Our Student Charter is one way in which we can outline our commitment to you and what you can expect from us, whilst informing you of the responsibilities placed upon you in return and what we expect from you.

When taking an ITEC course with Gateway Workshops you can expect:

• an appraisal of course content showing key stages and criteria for examination;
• that the teaching you receive will be evaluated. We will use feedback to enhance the quality of our teaching;
• that we will work with you to help you develop your learning skills, recognising that this is an ongoing process;
• that we will provide a quality learning environment;
• that we will provide you with access to appropriate resources to enable you to complete your studies or, in the event that we are unable to do so, direct you to where additional resources can be located;
• that we will support you in your learning, to help you complete your studies;
• that tutors will be courteous, professional, punctual and efficient;
• that we will seek to create and maintain an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning;
• that we will monitor feedback from students with a view to continually enhancing the quality of our provision;
• that we will respect your right to dignity & confidentiality;
• that we will comply with all relevant legislation.

What we expect of you in return:

• that that you will take responsibility for your own learning and assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning for all
• that you take responsibility for seeking any support you need
• that you use our facilities with respect and consideration for others
• that you will be courteous, efficient and behave in a professional manner towards staff and fellow students;
• that you will be punctual, arriving in good time for lessons or notify tutors of any expected late arrival or absence
• Although we operate a non - discrimination policy, respecting amongst other things, spiritual and religious views, nonetheless, it is vital that each student is able to work freely, with everyone else in the class, regardless of race, religion or sex. This is a learning environment; therefore, students are expected to work with each other, during the practical sessions of the course, whether male or female. It is vital that students take part in the giving and receiving of massage, so that different body types, skin types, age groups and musculature can be experienced for training and development purposes.
• that you will pay all fees and charges due when required


• We deliver and revive back assignments electronically by using personal email addresses -all relevant marking and tutor feedback will be fed back by the tutor in the same way; We would request that anyone who does not have email or PC access notify the school as soon as possible, so that alternative arrangements for issuing of homework/assignments can be arranged.

• We expect all homework/assignments to be handed in or electronically received by the tutors in a timely fashion
Where problems or delays are anticipated by the student, we request that the tutor is notified as soon as possible


• Examinations are included in the full price of the course fee and all students are expected to sit the practical and theory examinations on the allocated date provided by the company; the date of the examinations will be confirmed as soon as possible, after the first day of the course;

• Once the examination day is confirmed, students are expected to attend.
If students are unable to attend the allocated examination day, only those with a certificated medical condition (issued by a suitably qualified medical practitioner) or those with unforeseen personal circumstances prohibiting them from taking the examination will be allowed to postpone. In such instances (and in line with ITEC ruling), students must subsequently attend the next available examination day, which will be agreed with the Company Director.
In cases of unforeseen circumstances the company reserves the right to request suitable written documentation if examinations are to be postponed. Without medical reasons, students will be asked to pay for their exam and any additional revision time they may require at the tutor’s discretion.

• If students decide to postpone their exam because they have not completed the scheduled assignments and/or case studies, or for personal reasons, they will be expected to attend the next examination date and accordingly this will incur an exam fee of £100.00. If the next exam exceeds 3 months from the date the course finishes, then students will be asked to attend revision weekend before the next available exam (and in consultation with the course tutor) –this will incur a daily fee of £100.00 per required revision day.

The Anatomy and Physiology exams are taken online. Any change of exam date incurs a £25 admin fee where the exam has not already been taken. If a student fails this part of the exam, the exam fee for this part of the course must be paid again.

Payment for the course

We operate an easy pay scheme, which means that we allow students to spread the cost of their course payment, by monthly instalments, agreed with Gateway Workshops at the time of enrolment. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for this facility – it is a concession that the company offers. What we do ask therefore is:-

• That all payments are made by the due date, as outlined in the original email acknowledgement sent at the time of booking.

• Any payments not received by the due date of the 5th of every month, incur a late fee of £25.00 – no exceptions made, unless a late payment has been pre-authorised.
• If students decide to leave the course early and do not continue with their studies, the full outstanding balance to the value of £995.00 Holistic Massage Students or £245 Anatomy and Physiology (if booked as a stand alone course) students is still payable at the time of notification.
• The Company reserves the right to pursue any non-payment legally.

Please remember that the easy pay scheme is a concession, offered by the company, to help students spread the cost of your course fee and the company reserves the right to cancel this arrangement if payments are not being met on the due dates

Company Policies and Procedures

Under external regulations and OFSTED requirements, Gateway Workshops Ltd is obligated to publish its policies and procedures clearly and access to the following policies/procedures can be found on the company website.

• Policy and procedure on Malpractice and Maladministration
• Complaints Procedure

I confirm that as a student of Gateway Workshops Ltd, I have read and understand these terms and conditions and by signing up to an ITEC course, I have agreed to them.

Free Salon Owner Resources

13 February 2021

Free Salon Owner Resources Covering a Variety of Helpful Information

All for free.



In this we’ve included a whole host of resources which will help you with topics such as;

  •     Getting to grips with email
  •     Facebook strategies
  •     Getting featured in the press
  •     Growing your Instagram account
  •     Finally sorting your salon marketing

Not only that but you’ll find;

  •     Full length training videos never shared outside of our paid programs before
  •     A free copy of Ryan’s Amazon #1 best selling book
  •     Guides you can download
  •     Videos to enjoy
  •     Audio to consume

All as our gift to you.

All we ask is that if you enjoy this, please share it with someone else in our industry who you feel would find it beneficial.


Which Salon Software Is Best For You?

2 November 2020

We have so many helpful articles here, which are great for all therapists, salon owners and mobile therapists too.

Please scroll down this page to see them all, we have information on the following subjects:

Which Salon Software Is Best For You?

Do I need a booking system for my salon business?

How To Fire A Client

How To Deal With Negative Staff Members

Are you a salon owner that struggles with self belief?

How To Choose A New Supplier For Your Beauty Business

These are all on this page just scroll down to see them all


We highly Recommend Hollie Power - The Best Therapist Coaching Company for our Industry and Hollie is the Co Founder at Salonology

Here at Gateway we love Hollie's Blogs and we wanted to share them with you so that you could all benefit from them too, if you prefer to watch and listen to this information rather than read it, there is a link at the bottom for the video option which goes into a bit more detail. We have also included a link for their training course too which is offered at a discounted rate for all Gateway web site visitors even if you have not been on one of our courses!

ENJOY smile 

This blog was written By Hollie Power

Do I need a booking system for my salon business?

All the worries we’d had – such as “what if the internet goes down” and “people won’t like it”, disappeared within days.

In fact, we had one of our best months ever the first full month we had the system in place.

Because, when you wake up in the morning and realise you have ten new bookings you wouldn’t otherwise have, you quickly appreciate the sheer power of having something like this in place. 

Now this may sound harsh – but if you don’t have an online booking system, you ARE losing bookings.

Not only is ease of booking preferred nowadays, it’s often expected.

And if you are not offering it to your clients, you’re missing out.


Because here is the thing – whether you are working solo, or running multiple salons, an online booking software can be the difference between covering costs versus making lots of profit.

Or a 60% booked diary vs a fully booked diary.

Even more amazing is the plethora of outstanding options available to us in this industry – from simple systems to in-depth marketing machines – and all in between – there is a suitable software that will help you get where you need to be.

We have put together this guide of some of the best in the industry to help you choose who might be right for you. 

However, before we get started, here are some ‘top tips’ for you to read first.

    Research many, choose once.

Whilst worth the time and effort that goes into setting up an online booking system, it’s also important to note that it’s a front-ended task that takes a little time. 

By that, I mean you’ll need to commit some time to learn the system, input all your treatments, timings, pricings and settings and configure it correctly.

So, make sure the company you choose not only offers what you need now, but offers what you’ll need in the future. If you plan to get bigger, take on staff, or bigger promises, you’ll need software that can easily grow with you.


    Think about what you need.

Online software companies offer everything from a simple online booking system, to a full marketing suite – so be sure to know what you really need to help you operate your business to it’s full potential.

A decent system can act as a full-time receptionist for you, manging bookings taking deposits and filling your diary for – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Be careful of the bells and whistles

Different software offers different features which might be the best thing you’ll ever need, or could just be an aspect you simply don’t require – that’s costing money either way.

Every single business is different so be sure to know what features you will use for your clients before you commit to all the extras.


BEST FOR: Salons with 3+ staff and with big goals

PRICES FROM: Contact Phorest for a custom quote


    Custom created packages for you
    Full marketing suite included within the software; ready made for SMS text marketing and email marketing
    Unlimited users – so no additional cost as the business grows
    Manage stock, staff, POS and client information all in one space
    ‘Industry best’ customer service
    Click, pick, sell… with a fully integrated online store
    Includes a salon app branded for your business as well as a loyalty program
    Salon reputation management – generate more reviews for your business right from within the software
    Client photos within customer portfolio
    Free stock image library
    GDPR complaint
    Cloud based for access from anywhere


    “With over 6,000 spas, hair and beauty salons as customers across the globe and growing, Phorest Salon Software is the system of choice for the forward-thinking salon owners. The team at Phorest continue to push boundaries and strive for innovation, with the salon owner at the forefront of everything they do. With state of the art features and customer service, Phorest aims to take the work of running a salon on, allowing you to concentrate on delivering the best level of service to your clients.”.


    “Phorest allows us to present our online booking via our salon branded app, through our website or as a link via our Facebook page.  It secures the clients card details remotely, and takes a booking fee from 60p dependant on the total price of the booking. This fee will secure the booking and is automatically deducted from the total treatment price on the system at the point of checkout in the salon. If needed it allows us to request payment in full if a client fails to show and we wish to charge.  It also allows clients to view and change their future bookings as well as seeing any historic appointments.”    Kerry Douglas, Body Sense Beauty Salon



BEST FOR: Suitable for solopreneurs to multi location salons

PRICES FROM: From £15 per month (for solo), with price increasing dependent on staff numbers


    Easy to use for staff and clients
    Cloud based
    Booking via website, Instagram and Facebook
    Personalised booking experience
    Deposits and payments can be taken online
    Client portal for easy booking management
    Deep client profiles including customisable digital consultations with the Consult app
    Over 40 accessible business reports
    GDPR compliant


    “At Timely, customers are our sun. We believe your time is more important than ours and we go out of our way to help you when you need it. There are no ‘silly’ questions here – computers aren’t for everyone and our friendly team are here to support you, without judgement. Whether it’s creating beautiful body art or delivering treatments that make your clients feel pampered and special, we know that aesthetics and experience matter to you and your clients. It matters to us, too. Timely is beautiful to look at, simple to use and powers your bottom line. Timely’s product team is focused on building solutions that work for you. Automatically save time with no more unproductive gaps in your calendar, connect to Afterpay to see your client-spend soar, and create an exceptional client experience with a beautiful mobile ‘front counter’.”


    “As I half-heartedly clicked on to the Timely website to have a nose, I realised it ticked my boxes. Yes, my customers could book online.  Yes, I could log on from anywhere. Yes, I can take a booking fee upfront. Yes, It would run the reports I needed and, best of all, it was paid monthly and it wasn’t ridiculously priced!”   Taken  from my other blog piece, How I Cured My Booking System Headache


SOFTWARE NAME: FRESHA (formerly Schedul)

BEST FOR: Those starting out and wanting to grow

PRICES FROM: Free with a PLUS option which uses a small % fee structure


    Unlimited location and team members (on free and paid options)
    Point of sale – with accompanying barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers available
    Stock management
    Listing on Fresha marketplace with the PLUS option  – a network that sends millions of clients to salons every month
    Payment processing (PLUS)
    No show protection (PLUS)
    Marketing tools (PLUS)
    Free two-week trial available


“Join the world’s largest beauty and wellness network that sends millions of clients to salons and spas every month.  Free up your time to focus on what you do best, create your online profile and be discovered 24/7 on Fresha marketplace, Instagram, Facebook, Google and your own website.  Securely save client cards on file for an effortless checkout experience using our modern, secure payments system.

Take back control of your calendar by remotely charging no-show and late cancellation penalty fees, receive automatic payouts daily to your connected bank account.  Boost sales and fill your calendar with a suite of intelligent marketing tools to keep clients returning.  Simply set and forget to automatically reach clients through campaigns using targeted, personalized offers for birthdays, lapsing clients, top spenders and many more segments”


    “There’s a free subscription option or you can upgrade and pay a low fee for extra features like online booking deposits and card payments.  It’s easy to use and set up , can be used on any laptops or any tablet.”  Sarah-Jane Lewis, Sarah-Jane’s Hair and Beauty



BEST FOR: Small businesses looking to grow

PRICES FROM: Free but optional upgrades and power ups


    A comprehensive free option which includes email / SMS reminders and limited reports
    Power ups to allow you to add more features easily and to suit you
    Data loading for a one-off fee
    Pay for what you need
    Self check-in feature on paid subscription
    Loyalty scheme options


    We know you’re probably doing a lot of research into this, and we know it’s a pain. That’s why we’ve broken it down below, so you quickly see why you’ve just found your software solution, lock it in, and get back to doing what you love.

    An appointment book needs to be fast and flexible, so you can see bookings in day or week view, book resources or block out unavailable times.  You need to be able to quickly make repeat bookings, search for empty slots, or view clients histories all without leaving the appointment screen. It is the cornerstone of your software, so go with the best.

    A seamlessly integrated, complete point of sale where you can invoice appointments, sell products, utilise promotions, give refunds and print receipts.  And then pay with your own payment methods, integrated terminal payments, and print or email the receipt directly to the client.

    Have clients beating down your door with flexible SMS or Email marketing communication, using your own templates and targeted client groups.  Combine with loyalty prizes, online booking and promotion and you really have the ultimate solution to generate repeat business.


    “Most salon systems don’t do what our spa business needs; appointment book, electronic forms, client histories, point of sale and staff scheduling.” – Kristen, Bulla Spa



BEST FOR: Suits all types of salons including spas, clinics, barbers, salons and multi site

PRICES FROM: Starting at £20 per month, however prices are dependent on business model – a variety of options include Essentials, Evolve, Elevate and Elevate Plus


    Bespoke packaged to suit individual needs
    Full marketing suite included within the software; ready made for SMS text marketing and email marketing
    Manage stock, staff, POS and client information all in one space
    Includes a salon app branded for your business as well as a loyalty program Incentivise and reward clients
    Intuitive appointment book
    Hardware package options
    Free online training classes
    Support 24/7
    GDPR Compliant
    Free two-week Shortcuts Live trial available


    These days, we’re pretty proud to be able call ourselves one of the world’s leading software providers for the hair and beauty industry. Our software can be found in more than 14,000 salons and 45 countries worldwide – not bad for a business that began with three young entrepreneurs in a back shed!

    We’ve never been the kind to rest on our laurels – our constant innovation keeps us at the top of our game. The world of technology today is changing faster than ever, and we are always dreaming up new ways to help businesses work smarter, not harder.

    At the end of the day, we’re so much more than just a company that creates software. We’re also a bunch of hard-working humans who love what we do, and who will go out of our way to help you achieve your wildest business goals.



BEST FOR: Suits all types of salons including schools

PRICES FROM: Pricing starts at £15pm for the solo plan for 1 employee, then £30pm for small (5 employees), £45pm for medium (10 employees) and £65 for large (20 employees)


    Free 60 day trial (no credit card required)
    Completely synchronised and fully accessible on any web, iOS or Android device
    Chat style booking bot sits on your own website as an icon, which opens up into a self-contained booking system
    Powerful availability settings, re-scheduling and check-in tools – you will never need a paper diary again
    You can take payments, deposits and card capture online to secure bookings and reduce no-shows
    Email and SMS reminders are automated as are rebooking reminders and review requests, which will automatically display on your website, too
    Create your own discount codes and customise how they can be used. Offer passes and packages for your clients, or for them to gift to their friends. A course of treatments, an unlimited month, or an introductory bundle perhaps.


    Ovatu’s founder Dave, began building Ovatu in 2010, as a side hobby (Dave has interesting hobbies!) in a tiny flat in Manly.  Turns out, one day he accidentally turned the ‘subscription’ function on without even realising.

    Imagine the surprise when right away a handful of businesses signed up and more importantly, provided invaluable suggestions for improvement. This became the backbone for how Ovatu is developed.

    Since then, it’s been an exciting and humbling journey watching businesses use Ovatu to work less, achieve more and win more time back for themselves!

    Today, Dave and his wife Ula run Ovatu from a beautiful country town on the South Coast of NSW whilst raising 4 busy little boys on their farm. Achieving a work life balance is so important to their family and is something they are dedicated to facilitating for thousands of customers as well as for Ovatu’s global team.


        “Used for about 6 years. Always improving and reasonable cost. Works on every platform and has consult forms, reminders, post treatment emails, birthday emails, loyalty scheme. Support is good and responsive.”   Sue Davies, Gorgeous Emporium


SOFTWARE NAME: Book in Beautiful

BEST FOR: Single users to multi staff location businesses

PRICES FROM: £27.50 per month for 1 user + £5 per additional user


    Branded websites and apps
    Cancellation Watch – automatically fills your cancellations (adds £180 per month on average)
    Consultation forms / Covid-19 policies
    Products, training and gift voucher sales with full stock management and marketing
    UK customer service via live chat and phone
    Full ownership of your data
    Custom Service list for each client.  Switch individual services on/off and set custom times per client
    Feedback – Collects and directs 5 star reviews to Google as well as creating branding marketing content for your social media
    Client photos and notes
    Fully GDPR complaint marketing suite with SMS & email marketing with the option for automated marketing to remind clients to keep booking
    Cloud based for access from anywhere


    Book in Beautiful was developed to help my partner create a balance between salon/home all whilst removing the guilt that the business would suffer as a result.

    Our Cancellation Watch is lorded as a game changer and allows us to confidently say we are the best value system for the industry with this single feature adding £180 on average on a monthly basis which for a system that starts at less that £1 a day is an incredible return on investment.

    Over the last 3 years we have completed what we considered to be nearly 5 years of development and we pride ourselves that due to our presence in the industry we can give our customers what they want when they need it!”


    “I couldn’t be without Book in Beautiful! BiB covers every part of my business – All my Nail Appointments, My Education courses, product sales, marketing and so much more!  BiB gives me more time to focus on the fun side of what I do and spend quality time with my family! Thank you!”  Scarlett Senter Nail artist & Educator


SOFTWARE NAME: Salon Tracker

BEST FOR: Sunbed salons

PRICES FROM: From £30 per month


    Safe tanning management
    Multi-site management
    Online booking via website or Facebook
    Walk in and wait feature
    Split bookings
    Staff or client finger print check in option available
    Caller ID
    SMS and Mailchimp marketing suite


    Our software includes intelligent marketing tools with built in client record cards and stock management. It is guaranteed to save you and your employee’s time and money. Salon Tracker is designed to be easy to use, in which we believe will make salon management easier and stress-free.

    Our innovative software features and values are built upon your needs so we include all the basic and advanced features that you might require. Salon Tracker is guaranteed to make day to day activities easier, such as cashing up and analysing business reports. KPI’s, commissions and business takings can therefore be managed instantly and accurately.


    “Everything is really simple so doesn’t take long to train new members of staff. We used to use a paper card system before moving to Salon Tracker, so it’s made our lives a lot easier and our business more efficient and professional. Can’t fault it, there’s no improvement I can think of.” Emma, 2Fifty5 Tanning Studio


SOFTWARE NAME: Retention Force

BEST FOR: Bigger salons looking to enhance their marketing

PRICES FROM: This integrates with an online booking platform – packages start from £0 for the very basic option


    Free powered chatbot for Facebook messenger
    Drives reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook
    Collects customer feedback
    Referral program
    Rewards program for clients


    It all started back in 2016 when our founders opened their first beauty salon, OD Blow Dry Bar. By combining experience of management, business automation and excellence in customer service soon OD Blow Dry Bar became one of the few top rated beauty salons in the city.

    The very initial version of RetentionForce was born in OD Blow Dry Bar, at first as a salon rewards program. Clients loved the system immediately with over 97% of engagement. It didn’t take long for founders to realize that the value of the system is huge. With some modifications to support multi-tenant architecture the product was adopted by other salons in the city. The name RetentionForce was born.


    “Due to the ease of RetentionForce marketing tools, we always stay on top of the mind and receive massive rebookings!” – Amanda Palmer, Palmer’s Glow



BEST FOR: Large and established salons or salons with multiple sites

PRICES FROM: £75 per month


    Both accessible from the salon and from the cloud
    Can work with a touch screen, pc, scanner, cash drawer etc.
    Includes 12 hours of training
    Specialised medical records
    Stock management
    Staff time management
    Standby list management

They also have a marketing agency – iCreate – which offers salon websites, social media management, brand design and guidelines, graphic design and print and content writing


    With over three decades of knowledge and experience in the salon software industry, iSalon are the partner of choice for your business. We are the complete salon management and online booking solution for hair & beauty salons, barbers, clinics, spas and colleges.

    We know your clients are the most important thing to you, so we’ve designed iSalon with a multitude of features to perfect their in-salon experience and make a visit to your salon the highlight of their day!


    “My experience with iSalon has been really, really positive and the rest of the team will say the same thing. Every salon should have iSalon, I would not hesitate to recommend it!” Helen, Forbidden Hair



BEST FOR: All sizes, groups and franchises

PRICES FROM: From £27 per month


    Waiting list feature
    Self employed staff reporting
    Cloud based
    Integrates with your credit card machine
    UK company
    Two – way texting
    Client information is securely stored and includes images
    Loyalty scheme


    SalonIQ are a UK based company which means you are always talking to a UK based team with local knowledge. Our UK head office is in Kent and we have a satellite team based in Manchester, so wherever you are in the UK we have you covered.

    Our friendly team are all UK salon experts: many are qualified hairdressers and others have worked in the UK salon industry for many years. So, whether you need onsite training or want to see an onsite consultant, we are here to serve you.


    “Easy to use and understand with fab support and development. Great for building your business, retaining guests and reporting. Guests love the online booking too.” Darren Mitzi, Darren Michael Hair Dressing.



BEST FOR: Hair or beauty salons of all sizes, including spas, clinics and barbers



    Unlimited staff members and clients
    Automated email and SMS reminders
    Cloud-based platform that’s completely synchronised and fully accessible on any device
    Integrated shop for salon consumables
    Stock management
    Staff time management
    Optional online booking
    Optional integrated card terminals
    Marketing suite included within the software
    Free data merge if you’re switching from another platform
    Full ‘accountant ready’ reports
    Support 24/7 and online training
    GDPR Compliant
    UK company


    Simple and flexible salon software that grows with your business.

    We find that salons want a simple and easy to use platform that boasts all the features they will ever need; that is exactly what Booket provides….. whilst being absolutely free!

    With booket salons have complete control over every aspect of their business with flexible, customisable bookings, automatic reports, powerful integrations and much more to help you take your business to that next level.

    Our integrated store is an industry first and allows salons to pick up those essentials at competitive prices without ever leaving the platform – absolute convenience.

    We are a UK based company which means our team will be on hand to assist with local knowledge and technical support, whenever you need us.


    “I have a very busy and well established Hair Salon and I loved the old school way of booking clients  using a diary. I did my research and spoke to the team at Booket and decided to change my booking  system. Booket has been so easy to use and has helped us quickly and easily reschedule our clients in time for when our salon reopened after lockdown. There are so many benefits and our clients love their text reminders too. Their team is always on hand for support and they answer our questions quickly. My staff all love our new booking system and it’s great to be able to see your appointments wherever you are. Highly recommend for the ease of use and the ongoing support offered.” –  Zoë, Bliss, Alvechurch.



BEST FOR: Salons with 2-14 staff members and L’Oreal salons

PRICES FROM: From £5 per month (online bookings incur a 50p fee)


    Passionate about paper to software transitions
    Full cloud based
    Bespoke staff permissions
    Unlimited users
    Offers complete customisation to avoid double bookings and annoying gaps
    Unlimited SMS reminders
    GDPR compliant
    Comprehensive marketing system
    The ONLY approved L’Oreal booking system


    Control appointments, clients and notes at the touch of a button. In-salon or at home: Slick gives you control over your clients and business. Smart marketing tools help you win and keep clients. The optional online booking fills slots 24/7 even while you’re shut. Smart huh? Stop spending time on admin and start spending it on your business. Slick will calculate cash up, reports and wages without you lifting a finger. Customised service times per client, no-show protection, repeat bookings. Slick is built by salons for salons which is why so many small salons love us. No 50 page contract here! We are so confident you will love Slick, we don’t do contracts. No commission. No hidden fees.


    “We’ve used them for the last year with online bookings the last 6months. They have been great! No issues, you get a message when someone’s just booked so you can review and alter if needed. They’re adding different bits for marketing support and other bits all the time. They also reply super quickly.”  Joanne Moqvist, Ysatis Hair



You might also want to read my original blog about how salon software had such a positive impact on my day spa and salon.  You can read that here.

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather comprises some of the most popular systems.   Please ensure you do your own research to suit your own business needs.


Hollie xx


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