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Beauty Guild Awards - Best Training School for the 3rd year running for 2017

27 March 2017

We are delighted to announce we have won the Beauty Guild 2017 award, for 'best training school' for the 3rd year running.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us it really means a lot as it shows our hard working passionate tutors how much you all appreciate them as it's voted by therapists themselves. Thank you once again for all of your votes!


17 March 2017


When you sign up for a course with us, by ticking you agree to our terms and conditions you agree to letting us know about any health issues you may have.

Important - Our tutors put your safety and comfort first at all times and as with any treatments there are contra-indications to consider which MAY affect you attending / your involvement/participation on the course. This also applies for all the other students on the course - the person or paying friend you will be pairing up with to practice. If you have any concerns your tutor is happy to cover these before the course.

Please confirm if you are under treatment from your GP and other practitioners for any of the following:

Pregnancy - Are you within the first three months? Cancer, HIV and AIDS, Epilepsy, HBP or heart conditions, Infectious skin disorders like chicken pox, Contagious illness, Diabetes (if skin is very thin bruising may occur), Paralysis or loss of sensation

Recent surgery on neck or face (if attending Natural Lift Facial Massage/ Indian Head Massage any other facial course)
 You may need a letter from your GP stating that it is safe/appropriate for you to give and receive a massage treatment on a one-day course. Care should also be taken if you are suffering from the following during the day of the course.  Again this may affect your participation on the course:

Local Psoriasis or Eczema - open sores or infections to the skin or ears, Cold sores, High temperature or fever, Drunk or under the influence of other drugs, Local pain such as toothache, Sunburnt, hypersensitive or broken skin, Acute inflammation or swelling, Severe acne, Procedures such as Botox in the previous three weeks, Conjunctivitis

You will be given a health waiver to sign on the day of your course which will ask you to state that - You are in good physical condition and fully able to participate in the course and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional and that you certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude your participation at the training course. If for any reason you refuse to sign this on the day you will not be allowed to attend and train with us you will waive the right to a refund of your course for all monies paid including the deposit.

New Tutors for 2017 join us!

16 March 2017

We would like to let you all know we have 4 new tutors that have joined us which is very exciting!

To find out more please visit our tutor page to read about them and what they will be offering for us:

Betty is joining us from Ireland who will be teaching beauty which is very exciting as it is the first time we are offering beauty in Ireland. We are delighted to have found such an excellent tutor to offer our accredited courses there. Betty is very caring and passionate about all things beauty and we look forward to her teaching our courses.

We also have Jenny in Ireland offering our massage courses, we are expanding areas and venues in Ireland soon, so there should be an venue to suit everyone and their journey. Jenny joins Suzanne our long standing tutor in Ireland teaching massage they are both very experienced and lovely ladies.

We also have Laura joining us in Scotland who will be teaching beauty along side Maureen who teaches our massage courses in Scotland, both are very passionate and great tutors. We are really happy to see how busy Scotland is now and soon we will be also offering ITEC Massage courses in Scotland too which is very exciting and much needed.

Finally we have Carrie joining us for central London, Carrie will be teaching our one day accredited CPD courses as well as our ITEC massage course in central London and will be starting with us soon.

We are delighted to welcome them all to the team and we all recently got together for a wonderful tutor lunch for everyone to meet. There was 22 of us that made it and it was a fantastic afternoon. We have such a lovely group of caring, passionate and knowledgeable tutors and the feedback you are sending us is wonderful - you can view that here:

When you come to a course with us you will get to meet one of our very special tutors and experience a high quality of teaching that often you do not find anywhere else.


17 March 2016




ITEC Number (for office use only) __________

Contact Telephone Number_____________________________________________

Contact Email Address  ________________________________________________

Gateway Workshops Ltd is committed as a company to offering its students quality courses which are continually improving. Our Student Charter is one way in which we can outline our commitment to you and what you can expect from us, whilst informing you of the responsibilities placed upon you in return and what we expect from you. 

When taking an ITEC course with Gateway Workshops you can expect: 

• an appraisal of course content showing key stages and criteria for examination;
• that the teaching you receive will be evaluated. We will use feedback to enhance the quality of our teaching;
• that we will work with you to help you develop your learning skills, recognising that this is an ongoing process;
• that we will provide a quality learning environment;
• that we will provide you with access to appropriate resources to enable you to complete your studies or, in the event that we are unable to do so, direct you to where additional resources can be located;
• that we will support you in your learning, to help you complete your studies;
• that tutors will be courteous, professional, punctual and efficient;
• that we will seek to create and maintain an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning;
• that we will monitor feedback from students with a view to continually enhancing the quality of our provision;
• that we will respect your right to dignity & confidentiality;
• that we will comply with all relevant legislation.

What we expect of you in return:

• that that you will take responsibility for your own learning and assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning for all
• that you take responsibility for seeking any support you need
• that you use our facilities with respect and consideration for others
• that you will be courteous, efficient and behave in a professional manner towards staff and fellow students;
• that you will be punctual, arriving in good time for lessons or notify tutors of any expected late arrival or absence
• Although we operate a non - discrimination policy, respecting amongst other things, spiritual and religious views, nonetheless, it is vital that each student is able to work freely, with everyone else in the class, regardless of race, religion or sex. This is a learning environment; therefore, students are expected to work with each other, during the practical sessions of the course, whether male or female. It is vital that students take part in the giving and receiving of massage, so that different body types, skin types, age groups and musculature can be experienced for training and development purposes.
• that you will pay all fees and charges due when required


• We deliver and revive back assignments electronically by using personal email addresses -all relevant marking and tutor feedback will be fed back by the tutor in the same way; We would request that anyone who does not have email or PC access notify the school as soon as possible, so that alternative arrangements for issuing of homework/assignments can be arranged.

• We expect all homework/assignments to be handed in or electronically received by the tutors in a timely fashion
Where problems or delays are anticipated by the student, we request that the tutor is notified as soon as possible


• Examinations are included in the full price of the course fee and all students are expected to sit the practical and theory examinations on the allocated date provided by the company; the date of the examinations will be confirmed as soon as possible, after the first day of the course;

• Once the examination day is confirmed, students are expected to attend.
If students are unable to attend the allocated examination day, only those with a certificated medical condition (issued by a suitably qualified medical practitioner) or those with unforeseen personal circumstances prohibiting them from taking the examination will be allowed to postpone. In such instances (and in line with ITEC ruling), students must subsequently attend the next available examination day, which will be agreed with the Company Director.
In cases of unforeseen circumstances the company reserves the right to request suitable written documentation if examinations are to be postponed. Without medical reasons, students will be asked to pay for their exam and any additional revision time they may require at the tutor’s discretion.

• If students decide to postpone their exam because they have not completed the scheduled assignments and/or case studies, or for personal reasons, they will be expected to attend the next examination date and accordingly this will incur an exam fee of £100.00. If the next exam exceeds 3 months from the date the course finishes, then students will be asked to attend revision weekend before the next available exam (and in consultation with the course tutor) –this will incur a daily fee of £100.00 per required revision day.

Payment for the course

We operate an easy pay scheme, which means that we allow students to spread the cost of their course payment, by monthly instalments, agreed with Gateway Workshops at the time of enrolment. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for this facility – it is a concession that the company offers. What we do ask therefore is:-

• That all payments are made by the due date, as outlined in the original email acknowledgement sent at the time of booking.

• Any payments not received by the due date of the 5th of every month, incur a late fee of £25.00 – no exceptions made, unless a late payment has been pre-authorised.
• If students decide to leave the course early and do not continue with their studies, the full outstanding balance to the value of £995.00 Holistic Massage Students or £245 Anatomy and Physiology (if booked as a stand alone course) students is still payable at the time of notification.
• The Company reserves the right to pursue any non-payment legally.

Please remember that the easy pay scheme is a concession, offered by the company, to help students spread the cost of your course fee and the company reserves the right to cancel this arrangement if payments are not being met on the due dates

Company Policies and Procedures

Under external regulations and OFSTED requirements, Gateway Workshops Ltd is obligated to publish its policies and procedures clearly and access to the following policies/procedures can be found on the company website.

• Policy and procedure on Malpractice and Maladministration
• Complaints Procedure 



I confirm that as a student of Gateway Workshops Ltd, I have read and understand these terms and conditions and by signing this document, have agreed to them.


Student Signature ________________________________ Date ________________

Signed By Your Tutor at Gateway Workshops Ltd

Tutor Yvonne Potter/Cathy Alderson (delete where needed)

______________________________________________ Date

ITEC Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

17 March 2016

ITEC Malpractice and Maladministration Policy


This policy is aimed at all current registered approved ITEC tutors and students who are involved in teaching, or studying ITEC approved qualifications either now or in the future through Gateway Workshops Ltd.

The policy covers those who are:

• Involved in
• Suspected of
• Actually involved in malpractice/maladministration

Because this policy applies to all of the above, all malpractice/maladministration matters are dealt with in a consistent manner.

This document sets out the steps we follow when we receive notification, or a report of malpractice/maladministration and our responsibilities in dealing with such cases; it also sets out the steps we follow when reviewing these cases.

Our responsibilities as a Company

It is important that we make our tutors aware of the management, assessment and quality assurance of the qualifications we offer and that our learners are also fully aware of the policy. In an attempt to minimise the risk of instances of malpractice/maladministration and actual instances of such, details of this policy are made available to all learners, via our Student’s Charter and on our company website, under the heading of Policies and Procedures. Tutors are also issued with a copy of this document.
We understand that as a Company involved in the delivery of ITEC approved course, that sanctions may be placed on us by ITEC as an awarding body, if the outcome of any investigation identifies consistent malpractice/maladministration, or where we have failed to take steps to ensure that any previous incidents and recommendations have not been complied with. Our compliance with this policy and how we take reasonable steps to avoid or investigate instances and reports of maladministration/malpractice will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Definition of malpractice

Malpractice is essentially an activity or practice, which deliberately contravenes regulations and compromises the integrity of either internal or external assessment process and/or the validity of certificates. It covers any deliberate actions, neglect, default or other practice that compromises, or could compromise:

• The assessment process
• The integrity of a regulated qualification
• The validity of a result or a certificate
• The reputation and credibility of both Gateway Workshops Ltd and ITEC as an awarding body
• The qualification or the wider qualifications community.

Examples of the above could include:

• Deliberate falsification of records in order to claim certificates
• Failure to maintain appropriate record systems
• Discrimination or bias towards certain groups of students
• Misconduct of tutors towards students

Malpractice can occur at:

• Company level
• Tutor level
• Student (Learner) level.

NB: This is not an exhaustive list.

Definition of Maladministration

This is defined as any activity or practice which results in:

• Non-compliance with administrative regulations
• Poor administration e.g. poor student records
• Repeated mistakes

NB: This is not an exhaustive list.

Examples of Malpractice and Maladministration may include:

• Failure to carry out internal assessment, modification or verification in accordance with ITEC requirements
• Allowing students to use inappropriate materials or equipment during an examination process, such as use of mobile phones, textbooks, etc.
• Collusion or allowing collusion to take place between tutors and students, or between students
• Plagiarism or allowing plagiarism to take place between staff and students, or between students
• Fraudulent claims for certificates
• A breach of confidentiality between tutors and students
• Persistent maladministration
• Intentionally withholding information from ITEC which is critical in maintaining the rigour of quality assurance and standards of qualification
• Loss, theft or breach of confidentiality of assessment materials.
• Misuse of logos and trademarks or misrepresentation of relationship between Gateway Workshops Ltd and ITEC.
• Inappropriate assistance to students, such as helping them to pass a unit or   qualification
• Unauthorised circulation of exam assessment papers or procedures, other than those which appear on the ITEC website for learners to access, e.g. assessment criteria.

Company responsibilities

• Notify ITEC immediately if the Company, its Tutors or its Learner(s) identify alleged or actual maladministration or malpractice.
• Inform a Tutor or candidate if they are suspected of malpractice that a fact finding exercise and/or investigation will be launched and that they have a right to reply and appeal against any sanction imposed on them.
• Comply with any ITEC requests for information in relation to the fact finding exercise within timescales agreed by ITEC and Gateway Workshops Ltd, to enable us to carry out and complete the fact find or investigation.
• Co-operate with ITEC during the investigation.
• Carry out a fact finding exercise or investigation using people who are independent of those involved in the maladministration or suspected or actual malpractice.
• Provide ITEC with a report of any fact finding or relevant part of the investigation
• Inform tutors and candidates affected of the implications of the actions and
• Take appropriate action to prevent the incident of maladministration or suspected or actual malpractice recurring.
• Respect the confidentiality of the information revealed during any investigative exercise.
• Retain records and documentation relating to the fact find or investigation for a period of time.

Who can identify an incident that may be a case of alleged or actual maladministration or malpractice?

Anyone can come across an issue that they think could constitute alleged or actual maladministration or malpractice. This can include but is not restricted to:

• ITEC staff who identify it through our own working relationship with a venue
• Venue staff and tutors
• Candidates
• External agencies, e.g. Skills Funding Agency, OFSTED, qualifications regulator (Ofqual)
• Whistleblowers (e.g. a person who works at a venue who wishes to disclose malpractice in the venue)
• Anonymous informants

In cases where we a third party reports an alleged or actual maladministration or
malpractice, the Company will establish whether or not they agree to us using their name. As part of our fact find or investigation, if they do not wish us to reveal their identity, e.g. a whistle-blower, we will respect this.
We will only disclose their name if we are legally required to do so. Nevertheless, we will still carry out the investigation; however, we will make the person who informed us aware that the extent of our investigation may be limited.

Process for making an allegation of malpractice or maladministration

Anybody who identifies or is made aware of any instances of malpractice /maladministration may do so by email, or in writing, promptly to:
Sue Bailey – Company Director
The best form of contact will be by email:
An alternative form of contact may be made in writing, to the company address, which will be provided on initial contact by email. In doing so, all reports and notification should include supporting material or evidence, in order to assist with the investigative process. All allegations must include the following where appropriate, possible and relevant:

• Student/ITEC candidate number
• Staff/tutor name
• Details of the course/qualification affected, or nature of the service affected.
• Nature of suspected case, including dates(s)
• Details of any preliminary investigative process, including mitigating circumstances if relevant and conclusions drawn initially.
• A statement of facts and circumstances
• Written statements from all or any other staff concerned.
• Written statements from any students concerned
• Extenuating circumstances, such as medical reports
• Copies of registers
• Copies of schemes of work or lesson plans.
• Details or copies of any unauthorised learning materials during assessment /examination processes.
• Mode of discovery
• Students work if relevant

Recommendations for action/resolution.

In an initial investigation by the company, prior to notifying ITEC, we will ensure that:

• Staff investigating the nature of the allegation are competent to undertake the process
• Have no personal interest in the outcome of the investigation.

We notify ITEC (operations manager)of details of

• The initial investigative process, or
• The stage we are currently at, or
• The final outcome of the investigation, or
• Any recommendations made to ensure that such instances do not recur, or where steps have been taken to minimise risk.

Investigation, timelines and summary processes

• Gateway Workshops Ltd Director, who will investigate the process will endeavour to:
• Acknowledge receipt of any notification of maladministration or malpractice, within 2 working days of receipt, whether it is received by post or by email.
• Review the report and carry out the fact finding/investigative processes within 10 working days of receipt of the notification.
• It should be noted that in some cases the investigation may take longer; for example, if a visit is required by ITEC for example. In such instances, we’ll advise all parties concerned of the likely revised timescale.
• Notify the complainant of the outcome of our fact find within 2 working days of making our conclusions and any steps taken to ensure the incident does not recur, if and where appropriate and relevant
• Notify ITEC (operations manager) of the outcome of the whole investigation and steps taken to ensure future compliance with nay policies/procedures and steps taken to minimise risk to prevent future recurrences of the relevant matter.
• Where reports of malpractice or maladministration are reported to the company and are relevant to the actions of the Director, or their administration team, details and ALL relevant paperwork and documentation will be forwarded on to the operations manager at ITEC for external investigation.

Principles of investigation into malpractice/maladministration

The company recognises that the principal of all investigations is to ensure that:

• All investigations should be conducted in a reasonable, fair and legal manner
• All evidence should be considered if relevant and without bias.
• All facts should be established to determine any irregularities and build a picture of what has occurred.
• The scale of the irregularities is established.
• Any whistle blowers and anyone who notifies the company of any relevant information has the right to privacy and anonymity in accordance with relevant legislation.
• Any identification of inadequate systems, patterns or trends leading up to the identified incident are reviewed and any remedial action or change in systems required is implemented as soon as is reasonably possible.
• Any changes to systems or processes should seek to ensure that future recurrence of identified
• malpractice/maladministration is minimised or eradicated, where reasonable steps can be taken.
• Risk to students, or the integrity of the qualification is paramount to all investigative processes and associated actions taken to effect change.

All paperwork, relevant to all or any cases of malpractice/maladministration will be kept for a minimum period of 5 years in accordance with legal requirements.

For any queries about the contents of this policy, please contact Sue Bailey:

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