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A professional online course which provides you with knowledge to begin working as a Sound Practitioner or for personal use

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Sound Therapy - Accredited Practitioner Diploma Online Course

A practical and professional online training course which provides you with the skills and knowledge to become a Sound Therapy Practitioner. Sound Therapy is a form of sensory therapy that has been used for centuries.

It is wonderful to see how this therapy is gaining traction and growing in popularity, because actually, this type of alternative medicine has already been around for thousands of years. Since ancient times, many different cultures have used music, singing and rhythm, to heal the body and spirit.

Sound Therapy has been shown to be effective in not only supporting relaxation and calm, but also for balancing and attuning our body’s systems. This course will look into the different instruments you can use for a Sound Therapy session and how/why these can be beneficial to a client.

This course will give you the understanding that you need to see how Sound Therapy works for use on yourself or for a client. There are many different forms of Sound Therapy techniques, and we will discuss these within the course, but all of these involve using sound waves and vibration to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state.

If you want to add another string to your natural therapy bow, then this course is for you!

Learn on the latest easy-to-use online platform with 24-hour access, fantastic videos and safe in the knowledge you are receiving quality and care.

This is an accredited professional and recognised course, full tutor support and no compromise on quality even when you see a discounted offer.

Practitioner/Diploma certificate on completion.

✅ Our accredited courses are written by our expert skilled & qualified tutors, with in-depth knowledge of the subject.
✅ Your tutor is available to email with questions when needed.
✅ Easy learning at your own pace, with a year's access to our platform.



Full Course Information, Price & How to Book Simply Click HERE
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This course is open to complete beginners

You do not have to be a therapist to take this course or if you are an existing therapist you will be able to add this qualification to your insurance cover.

A professional insurable recognised course which allows you to work as a Sound Therapy Practitioner and charge clients. A very popular and easy to learn course with great instructional videos and full tutor support available when needed, as you learn. This is fantastic information both for personal use or perfect to work with your clients too if needed.

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