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Social Media- Ready Made Material

Stuck For Content for Your Social Media Pages - We Can Help! Ready-Made Material for Your Social Media And Marketing - It’s a problem we hear time and time again.

Gateway have found this amazing website where you can download content not only related to our industry but many other industries too at amazing prices up to 85% off! 

Davina McCall Menopause Information

We offer a professional online Menopause training course which provides you with knowledge to begin working as a Wellness Practitioner or enhance your skills.  Alternatively, you can use what you learn to make positive changes in your life, helping you through this time and dealing with any difficult symptoms.

Need Work and More Clients? Here are some companies that help therapists with work


✔ A trusted reputable brand - helping you get client bookings
✔ Work part or full time - 78-91% earnings on repeat clients - LET US FIND YOU CLIENTS

risk assessment for returning to work in a covid-19 environment - Free

This guide is FREE and designed to introduce you to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessment planning checklist, it presents you with a clear and simple checklist process, documentation, plus relevant risk control actions that will help you take the necessary precautionary steps to identify and manage the risks associated with the Coronavirus when you begin treating clients once again.

Gut Health Diploma - CPD Short Course

The course will take you through the benefits of looking after your gut, how a gut health qualification can enhance what you can offer as a therapist, the gut brain connection, the role of nutrition, micronutrients, the digestive and nervous system and how you can use food to improve your gut health. Our Introduction to Gut Health Certification is a great introduction into this fascinating field. Once you have completed this course you may also be interested in advancing to the Gut Health Practitioner Diploma.

Crystal Healing Beginners - CPD Short Online Course

The wonderful world of crystals a lovely introduction to the healing world of crystals, their energy and vibrations, shapes, colours and uses

Animals and Owners Healing Diploma - CPD Online Course

The Animals and Owners Healing Diploma course introduces the student to the healing world for animals and their owners and the different healing methods available.

Dog Behaviour Training - CPD Short Course

In this course you will learn all about the importance of understanding your dog’s behaviour and body language in order to meet their needs when training. This makes training more enjoyable and beneficial for both the dog and the owner.

Sustainable Living Diploma - CPD Short Course

This course is very much in demand and a hot topic that everyone wants to understand so they can make the changes needed to make a difference.

It will help you to understand the key facts of climate change, how to consume less and more thoughtfully, how to reduce waste and single use plastic, make better food choices and how these have an impact on the environment, how to make changes at home to make it more environmentally friendly and how to make more sustainable travel choices.

New Wellbeing, Health and Weight Loss Manual/Guide

How to Lose Weight is an online guide packed full of information based on how the body actually works. It is a must for everyone wanting to lose weight, therapists and health professionals wanting to help their clients, and also for those with a general interest in health and well-being.

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