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Therapist Product Shop

Gateway Recommend These Companies - Offering High Quality Therapist Products and Services often at Discount Prices

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Need a Telephone number that can move around with you - Excellent Company we use and recommend

Are you looking for a telephone number that can move around with you?

Here at Gateway Workshops we bought our 0333 telephone number some time ago now, it was cheap, quick and easy and we have never looked back. We have an excellent service and it can be tailored made to fit your requirements.

COVID-19 FREE Client Questionnaire/Declaration Form

Gateway Workshops wanted to help our students with the extra form overleaf, which we thought might be useful. It’s a COVID-19 questionnaire and declaration that you can ask your clients to fill in, in order to keep both you and them as safe as possible. Please feel free to use it; we’ve deliberately not copyrighted it.


risk assessment for returning to work in a covid-19 environment - Free

This guide is FREE and designed to introduce you to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessment planning checklist, it presents you with a clear and simple checklist process, documentation, plus relevant risk control actions that will help you take the necessary precautionary steps to identify and manage the risks associated with the Coronavirus when you begin treating clients once again.

Outback Organics Professional Waxing System

Our trainers favourite waxing system - Get 10% OFF with code ‘GATEWAY’ at checkout. Use code multiple times and share with friends! Outback Organics offers a professional waxing system developed after extensive consultation with professional waxers and salon owners, Outback Organics waxes represent the latest generation in hair removal.

New Wellbeing, Health and Weight Loss Manual/Guide

How to Lose Weight is an online guide packed full of information based on how the body actually works. It is a must for everyone wanting to lose weight, therapists and health professionals wanting to help their clients, and also for those with a general interest in health and well-being.

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